Friday, October 5, 2012

Targeted Online Ads .... plus a few more Romneys

Guess what's playing on YouTube these days? The answer is political ads. And not any political ads, but, rather, local kind political ads. On my screen, political ads for Hawaii Senate races. That's before you get to see the video, but at least somebody knows I vote and I guess their way of thanking me. Also, if  I shop for Maserati's on Ebay, then a few innocent clicks later, I visit The New York Times website, lo and behold, there's a freshly minted ad for Maserati's staring at me on the NYT's website. 'They' track you so well, but how they do it nor who they are I don't know. (*Maserati is a fictional object. Just using it as a figure of speech.*) Meanwhile back at the ranch, how I wish the spell check icon would magically appear back where it use to be on my Blogger's editor page. I don't spell well, and I verify proper spelling at Webster, ect., switching tabs, instead of simply highlighting the word in question. After a while, it gets distracting switching back and forth between tabs.

Anyways, do you remember the political aphorism that, "Republicans worry about what to steal next, while Democrats worry about whether to steal." It's anologous to Mitt Romney denouncing Obama for unkept promises during Wednesday night's debate. Obviously since false promises have always been the Republicans strong suit, what Romney really objects to by using this tactic is Obama's infringement on a GOP's patent. That is, the Republican's own the rights to teflon. The size of the bridge they sell you is irrelevant. You shoulda known better, dummies. Albeit, Obama's promises were the stuff of lofty ambitions that matured into falsehoods largely due his inexperience with Washington DC. Obama was far from a veteran Lyndon Johnson who knew how to twist arms and sweet talk the republican opposition into a deal. Obama's style failed largely on the illusion that he could get oil and water to mix.

Meanwhile, Democrats have just got to stop this feeling bad about failing to fulfill campaign promises while the Republicans make the most of the opportunity and plummet them on the ropes all the while the Republicans never met a campaign promise they would hesitate to renage on (billionaires excepted). At Romney's slightest whiff of unkept promises, Obama should have unloaded on Romney to the tune of, "So you want me to make you more promises, I hear ya loud and clear. Not only will I grant your request, I will hand write said promises on the paper that it's not worth, sign it, stamp it with the presidential seal, frame it, gift wrap it, special delivery it, so you can hang it in your mansion." So is it a worry after the promises fall through? "Now, what?" Nada, a "So, what." Mind you, this is not bipartisanship. Its just that the Repubicans have taken things too far.


Kay said...

Thank you for this post, Ron. I have an old friend (Art's friend actually) who just wrote the most obnoxious post on my wall. It's really irritating. I know he's Republican and a super conservative, but I don't do politics on my FB and there was no reason for him to attack Obama the way he did as well as all Liberals. I ALMOST Unfriended him. However, I've decided to just delete what he wrote and tell him FB does not allow enough space to debate. And besides, I don't even want to debate him! Sheesh!!!

RONW said...

Kay- 'wall'? okay took me a few moments. FB is for friendly chatter I thought and birds of a feather gatherings. And, Republicans are this way?! Btw, nothing wrong with being direct. Playing it safe is often not the trouble it's worth.