Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stone Lanterns

I ride pass the Stone Pagodas on Kahala Ave. almost every day. How many pilgrims will find solace there when the stone garden is finished and opened to the public. For some reason it appeared that there had been a few more stone fixtures added to the area. What it was though was they had bulldozed the topography more flat so more pagodas were visible from the street. For years, this property had an 8-foot tall wall fronting the street. What lay behind those very walls? Well, walls are for privacy. So I guess privacy lay behind the 8-foot wall. The lantern above is 7-8 feet tall. And it's chiseled out of stone quarried from some perfecture in Japan, not cast concrete for seven dawrfs. Btw, all the houses on Kahala Ave. have U-shaped driveways. Cars don't reverse blindly into the street that's why I like riding through there.

The tall stone lanterns are stationed on opposite sides of the front gate. There's a hollow grill at the top section, so for all I really know, the lanterns might even be functional to illuminate the path once the wires get plugged in. If they're thinking it which I'm only too sure they are, Hawaii Five-O should film elsewhere. It should be off limits if they 10-4. With a pair of Chinese guardian lions, those animals that flank a Chinese restaurant's front entrance, one lion is yin and the other yang. I never knew which is which, or whether yin has to be always on the left and so forth. One lion has a ball in his mouth or his paw on a ball, etc. The other doesn't. I surmise there's yin & yang to the stone lanterns as well. Friendly reminder .... while you're out shopping, every now and then buy the expensive item. There's no virtue in being prodigal, but if you always, always, buy the cheaper item, virtue has it's limits. You'll feel cheap. I've mentioned my frugality in earlier posts, for example, a roll of paper towels last me 6 months. I haven't even opened the last roll of paper towels that I bought two months ago, but it's the kind that's perforated in such a way that you can tear off half sheets. Save trees.


Kay said...

What an usual area. You know we almost never go into Kahala so it's extra fun to see your photos.

Gracious, my toilet roll is lucky if it lasts 6 days.

RONW said...

Kay- Puhleeze, don't drive pass there to even look at the stone garden. Odds are the billionaire owner will invite Kay and Art for a private tour, and I'll feel sick forever and ever.

Cloudia said...

Thanks, Ron for showing the lanterns. Appreciate you mentioning that they are carved, ie 'real' art not cast garden stuff. I gotta go look at them.

Your words on well-using your resources, and also appreciating finer things is very wise.

Aloha from up da block
Have a sweet week
Comfort Spiral

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RONW said...

Cloudia- they finally demolished the old front wall, and the now visible front yard is huge so a lot of raw material to work with.

Mokihana said...

Those are really interesting. I donʻt ever remember seeing them, not that I drove through Kahala much, so I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your photos. Mahalo!


RONW said...

Mokihana- dis is new, like just dis year. Aloha.