Thursday, April 29, 2010

Latest Fashion

....for ladies whose left butt bounces independently from their right butt when they walk, here's a brassier for the okole.

as you can see from the photo below, a "biniki" isn't meant to be worn with a swimsuit bottom because it'll show.

via Odds and Ends

Hi-5 (5¢ per empty)

At the request of The Society of Collectors of Empty Beverage Containers, the City has placed wire cages next to some trashcans at Kapiolani Park in Waikiki. I guess the idea is for the public to discard their empty soda cans and beer bottles in the separate wire cages.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On April 28, you can get a scoop of any of the 31 flavors for 31 cents, from 5 p.m. to 10 pm at Baskin Robbins

you're already well aware of my aversion to large crowds due to my insomnia. Grrrr....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday's Swami

This is not entirely as stupid as it might appear to be. Well, it is stupid, to the degree, that John Doe is doing this exercise in public, instead of the more appropriate venue on top of a quiet mountain plateau, or for that matter, on his living room floor in privacy. To his credit, he's not being lewd. There is a similar pose in yoga known as the Half Shoulderstand (Ardha Sarvangasana).

This is the more advanced level of the previous yoga pose with the legs fully extended horizontally known as the Plow (Halasana), except that the arms should be pressing on the floor and not grabbing onto the bench's backrest.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

8th Annual Waikiki Spam Jam

But first, a word from our sponser. This Kodak moment was so funny mainly because the ladies to the right were tugging like heck on the back of Mr. Spam's outfit to get the very popular mascot to turn around so that they could take a picture of him posing with their kids.

For this evening's starter course....a medley of taro chips, sweet potato chips, etc., topped with what appears to be an omlet, then spam salsa, shredded cheeze, and garnished with I dunno.

DJ's from a local radio station interacting with the audience. Sumpthing to do with random volunteers yelling out the letters, "S-P-A-M....!" 

And would a food festival in the islands be complete without a lunchwagon. The takeout window is to the left when you're ready to place your order. 

Many of the food vendors have now been with the annual Spam Jam in Waikiki for a few years as the "2004" on the souvenir t-shirt attests.

8th year of the Spam Jam, and most booths have managed to keep within the "Spam" theme of the festival, while some booths arguably have diverged from the central idea.

®Spam theme?

Always a packed house. At this point, the street is four-lanes wide just to give you a general idea of the breadth of the crowd. On top of that, people tend to gather in front of a particular food booth for a number of reasons. Next thing you know it, the only open aisle is in the middle of the street, itself. Single file at that. The standing rule has always been that if you decide to or must stand in one spot in a block party, do not, by all means, place one foot behind your other foot. You not listening. If your right foot is directly vertical below your body, while you're standing still, do not rest your left foot any further behind your body than your right foot is planted behind your body. And, visa versa. Otherwise, people, like me, for instance, so intent on being polite not to rub against your shoulders while passing, will inadvertently kick the Achilles' heel of your trailing foot hidden from their GPS view, and you won't be pleased at all, as was that lady tonight, whose foot I bumped into, and like, apology not accepted. Fact of the matter is that in order to take a better photo of a food booth, I momentarily stepped back with one foot, and somebody behind me accidentally kicked my heel.

Spiral fries. It actually took longer to clamp the potato in the spiral machine, than it took to spiral the entire potato.

Soft tacos with spam.

Another stage with live entertainment.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Standup Paddling in the Ala Wai Canal

I'm proud to announce that the Waikiki's leg of Honolulu's controversial Light Rail is open for business years ahead of schedule. All aboard.

It was so clear today at Makapuu Pt. that you could see Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island (Hawaii). You gotta like the captions. 

As a community reminder, road crews are currently shoring up the clifts adjacent the highway that winds down to Makapuu Beach, and the road is closed at nights. Even during in the day, steel plates make things a bit hairy if you're riding a motorbike like me.

Rabbit Island from the lookout. Belated Easter.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sandwich (?)

it's a bacon and cheeze sandwich, but in place of a bun, KFC uses two fillets of their fried chicken. You probably didn't follow. At any rate, I have never ever heard of a bacon n' cheeze sandwich. Meanwhile, rumor has it that for Hawaii's version, KFC will use slices of ®Spam instead of the bacon to appeal to local taste.


a pineberry. Molded in the shape of a strawberry but tastes like a pineapple. Kinda stupid to me. If you offered diners the choice between a pineapple and a strawberry, most would pick the strawberry over a bitesize morsel of pineapple. Thus, the geneticists should have instead bred a fruit that looks like a pineapple, but tastes like a strawberry. That would be a supersized strawberry to boot. Story from ABC News via SLASHFOOD.

Tiger Woulds returns to the Masters. The drama will lie in the "in the the hole...." exclamations from the gallery after he putts the golf ball which will carry a double entendre due to past events.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Sunday to You

Riding a motorbike is also known as "the lazy man's zen." You don't have to trek it up a high mountain in the Himalayas in order to meditate in solitude with the yetis. You hop on the saddle, turn on the ignition, and you're off fully immersed in an envelope of solitude that's invisible to others. Then fear hits you. Not a panic kind of fear that overwhelms your wits, but a sensation akin to walking on a ledge of a highrise building where you're just a step away from falling off the face of the earth from the higher altitude. The remedy is to keep focused on the road to a point that you might not even blink for an entire hour during the duration of the ride without realizing it. Fear does that to you. At least to mere mortals. Believe me. This is where the similarity of motorcycling to the practice of zen becomes quite apparent. Zen is state of mind which you attain if you focus solely on the present despite worldly distractions. It follows that thoughts about the past (what you saw on tv the other night) or thoughts on the future (your destination) only serve as anti-matter to the structure of the present.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Aloha Good Friday

Meanwhile, back at the Diamond Head lighthouse scenic lookout. Navel gazing. Not literally with a magnifying glass over the inni or outi. But metaphorically speaking, as in, an expression of speech. I do have belly button, but I haven't looked at in years. Moving on, if you do maintain a Facebook page, be awares that a perspective employer may examine the contents therein to determine your job worthiness in their particular organization.

In last week's LPGA tournament, Michelle Wie was penalized two strokes for grounding her iron after blasting her golf ball out of the water hazard. In her defense, Michelle claimed that she was off-balance from having to close her eyes in reaction to the splashing water, and grounded her iron or wedge to regain her balance, which is permitted under tournament rules. Irregardless, tournament officials ruled against her after reviewing the video tapes. However, the video tapes only showed Michelle from the front view. I believe that that from a side angle, it may have showed her tittering at the waist and who'd want to fall into the same pond with all the golf course ducks living in there. However, what was totally amazing is that while the tv live coverage followed Michelle and the tournament officials into the video booth and recorded the lively deliberations, it simultaneously preempted the trophy presentation to the winner of the tournament, whatever was her name. That's a testament to Michelle's star power. The LPGA is in the dumps as far as sponsers and Michelle remains their foremost marquee player to draw in a much larger tv audience.

While watching the news of Apple's iPad (tablet computer) that goes on sale tomorrow, the reporter also mentioned that Apple sold over 50 million iPods in 2009. That's amazing.

The priesthood is in the news again for their alledged role in the cover up of acts of sexual molestation partaken by their brethen. All I can say, is that priests have always been perverts. Definitely not all, but enough of them. Arguably, there's not a single priest who hasn't been molested himself by a priest in a superior position in a seminary as part of the education process. The solution is to cut their balls off, and if an individual then later decides to quit the order, he'd be entitled to a free transplant balls from a donor about to enter the priesthood.