Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lost and Found Department

I didn't stroll down to the beach tonight to take in the festivities of the season premier of Lost with all of the show's stars making a live appearance to kick off the final season of the tv series. Some aficionados of Lost flew in to Hawaii just for the occasion. On the other hand, I live only a few blocks away from the extravaganza. Oh, well. That's an "oh, well," as in, I don't watch network tv so what's all's the excitement surrounding the Lost phenomena? In that sense, why take up a seat in an already packed house. And deprive a true fan of Lost from their big moment. People starting arriving hours earlier in the morning to stake out a spot on the sand in front of the silver screen set up on the beach. Am I missing something? Not meaning, material to blog about. But rather the true meaning of life : )

The other day I was riding at the far end of the Ala Wai Blvd. and traffic was being diverted onto a single lane because they were paving the adjacent lanes. It's about a hundred-yard long section that represents the finish line of the repaving work they've been doing on the one-way Ala Wai Blvd. This marks the culmination of the second phase. The first phase in 2007 seemed like it took forever and a day. Musta been only 2-hours later that I passed the same spot and traffic was already allowed on top of the fresh asphalt. I'm not sure if the asphalt had sufficient time to set up. The other alternative would be to let the asphalt set up overnight, but as I was saying, it's only a hundred-yard section as far as inconvenience for drivers. It would seem that heavy weight trucks would imprint their tracks into the freshly minted pavement. And it's not like they repave the Ala Wai Blvd. on a yearly basis. This latest resurfacing or repavement, whichever, will have to last us years before Ala Wai Blvd. works its way back to the top of the schedule.

Demotivation or Plain Immaturity?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union, etc.

I watched the president's speech twice. It just happened to be rerun-ed on the station that I was watching at the moment. I did though read through the official transcript. Obama musta gone off-script because the particular quote that I was searching for wasn't there on the official transcript .... (paraphrasing) "If you have a better idea, bring it up. Bring it up and I'll have a look at it." I think the president meant it, too. With this year's State of the Union address, I related with Obama as being a local boy, instead of his capacity as the President of the US, the most powerful person on the planet. Last year he was the President, this year, he was more Barry. Still overall the best orator that ever held the office. He seems to genuinely care about da people. While Bush was more "I, da man," deploying the military off to Iraq as if he were playing with plastic boats in the bathtub.

Ironically, the National Republican Party is in Honolulu, Obama's hometown, holding their winter meeting with Republican leaders from all 50 states here to devise national strategy. They must think there's something in the water. I have just the magic water for them. Fresh from the Ala Wai canal. Anyways, Obama still comes off as a bit naive with his illusion or even disillusion of bi-partisanship. The Republicans will always vote against Obama's bills, solely on the basis that he's a Democrat. Obama has been in office for a year already, and perhaps the reality is beginning to sink in. I don't count myself as either a Republican or Democrat insofar as national elections, but the Republicans aren't ever gonna cooperate with a Democrat president and abandon their goal of scuttling the presidency.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Today, Just a Tinge of Vog

I'll venture a guess that the vog component in today's air fell in the range of 5-ppm or lower, down from yesterday's horrendous 5-billion ppm's. In relative terms, mind you. I do know that before the advent of weather reports and Doppler satellites, people predicted the local weather by sticking their heads out the window to gather up the necessary meteorological data. Thereupon the high council would convene and debate just how many goats to slaughter to forestall the monsoon. Just being humorous. In the top and second photo, you'll notice that you're able to make out the fairways on the Ala Wai golf course, reputed to be the busiest municipal golf course in the US. Recently they cleared away the mangroves overgrowing the banks on the golf course shore of the Ala Wai canal so you're now able to view the fairways from ground level when you're taking a stroll or driving by on the Waikiki side of the canal.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Fountain of Friday's Post

Happy Aloha Friday, as always. This is where I found myself kicking back after taking a spin out to Makakilo and having just arrived back to Kapiolani Park from whence I earlier embarked to circumvent the globe. Metaphorically speaking, of course. The circumventing the globe part. At any rate, there aren't many bona fide water fountains in Honolulu. Definitely not other fountains around town worth taking a photo of. With the exception of water main breaks, LOL.

Ala Wai Blvd has been a parking lot due to a broken water main. And sound travels up. For example, to my lanai. For the past 4-hours.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haiti Band-Aid

By most accounts, emergency medical supplies aren't getting to the earthquake victims even eight-days after the earthquake. Medical supplies have been flown into Haiti but they sit uncrated at the airport. 

Wednesday's Gondola

No doubt, the Ala Wai canal's version of the Salahi's, the couple who crashed the White House reception. As far as I know, the Ala Wai canal is off-limits to motorized watercrafts and has been off-limits for a while now. Otherwise you'd see and hear an armada of jet skis, etc., plying their sport on the waterway to the dismay of the adjacent neighborhood. It might not be the case for long, though. That is, the State is so hard up for revenue, that they might just allow motorized access to the municipal canal for a fee to offset our $1.2 billion budget deficit. To be fair to our couple, they were probably unawares of the long standing maritime rule and were simply enjoying their time together oblivious to woeful rate of the nation's foreclosures, bankruptcies, Sarah Palin, and ignorance is so bliss if not convenient. Whoops, left out health care reform.

The couple's saving grace was that the outboard motor that powered their dingy was whisper quiet. So while the boat's wake might have disturbed the talapias in our city's unofficial talapia wildlife refuge, if you didn't happen to be looking down on them from the lanai (balcony), you wouldn't have heard or known that they had passed by at all. For all anybody knows, their second boat might be a luxury yacht docked at the yacht harbor situated at the ocean outlet of the Ala Wai canal. Speaking of too loud noise, there's a new law in the works that will disallow tv stations from raising the volume during commercial breaks. It might be only me, but in anticipation of the new telecommunication edict, commercials have been only sounding noticeably louder than usual. I barely watch network tv at all, but instead, CNN or Fox News Network. I dunno what's the situation on other tv stations.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti Scams

Gypsum crystals up to 11 metres long

Hard to believe but this photo isn't doctored.  These "mega-crystals were found a decade ago in caves next to the Naica mine near Chihuahua, Mexico." via New Scientist

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some Eggs and Things

This establishment definitely knows how to break some eggs to make an omelet. 

The ever popular Egg 'n Things restaurant above the Hawaii's Natural High pakalolo paraphernalia store where they moved to last March across the street from the Waikiki post office. I believe the retail space that Eggs 'n Things formerly occupied, their old location, isn't even rented yet. The state of the economy will only prolong the vacancy. Meanwhile, Trump Towers is a few hundred feet down the street from the re-opened Eggs 'n Things. Rumor has it that Trump Towers picked it's specific location to be close to Eggs 'n Things.

In Brief

As you can tell, I strolled down to the beach again to work on my photography skills. I'm starting to believe that it's not the photographer who's responsible for the shoddy pics. It's the camera. If I may say so myself. Truth be told and all that. At any rate, my photo safari involves at least a five mile trek. I only live two blocks from the beach, itself, but the trail I follow along the beach meanders here and there, and, as such, I rack up extra miles on the footometer.

No waves, or as they say, "flat." Minus well, sit around and talk story in the lineup, la dat.

Another Sony Open street banner.

As the sign extolls, "real" Kona Coffee. Hey, for only 89¢, across the street from the beach.

A popular hangout any day of the week. 

Lifeguard station at Kapiolani park. Nice work if you can find it. 

Hawaiian koi.

Ahoy, there!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mornin' (updated)

Sunrise over the backside slope of Diamond Head crater.

Paddlers at dawn on the Ala Wai canal.

Took a walk to the beach. The beach is indeed different on a Saturday morning.  I kept adjusting the settings on my camera, but alas I just couldn't get the lighting right on the photos. Last week it was the focus, this week it's the lighting. "Lights, action, camera....huh."

The water appears white-ish in this photo because I set the whatever to a lighter value otherwise the hull of the canoe and the paddlers would look like they were in shadow. (??) Anyways, it's about a 5-mile round trip to the beach and back to the apartment for exercise.


A few years ago, I was taking a photo at night of a menu that this Burger King had posted on the front glass window, and a worker came outside and said something about I can't take photos. So, I politely reminded the imbecile that this is A-M-E-R-I-C-A, and the USA is a free country. Thus, if I desire to take a photo of your fucken menu on the front window while I'm standing on the public sidewalk, it's perfectly legal in this country. They might have had illegal immigrants working on the shift. Or the generalisimo was the self-conscious type. Idiot. That's a chief reason why high school kids don't want to work in fast food joints after school along side their classmates to earn some spending money, only to be in the company of the 40-year-old donkeys.


We're on vacation, eh. I've noticed that walking around Waikiki with a camera makes me feel as if I'm a tourist.

One of the many Sony Open banners strung up on every light pole on Kalakaua Avenue, Waikiki town's main drag.

My apologies to Tiger (Woods) ....

Waikiki's own version of the Seven Sacred Pools on island of Maui. Turn on the shower and you've got yourself a waterfall.

St. Augustine's church across from the beach.