Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dog Nights of Summer

Last night, for a few hours period, the trade winds stopped, went on vacation or whatever, and the air became dead still and it was way too warm for my liking. The Weather Station had forecast 72-74 degree temperatures overnight with 0-percent of precipitation but they was wrong because there was light drizzles, off and on, which means of course humidity. So I guess when the trade winds took a break, the humidity unleashed it's full presense upon my part and parcel of the island. This was last night. I have a ceiling fan but it only works if the lights are on, in a sorta cruel tandem. That is, in order to have the fan on, recirculating the same stale stiffling air, I would have to try to sleep with the lights on, or use a blind fold. Naturally the ceiling fan stayed off. Grrrr, with a pant, pant.

Rielle Hunter was on 20/20 (ABC) last Friday night and all I can say is that John Edwords (misspelling mines) might be a hot shot trial lawyer, but Rielle made John Edwords look like a amateur in the court of public opinion after Rielle got through defending her reputation on national tv. They both could be considered the most reviled people in America, one more than the other perhaps, or in a partnership sharing the honors like in tennis doubles. This though was until Rielle hit the interview circuit last Friday night coiciding with the launch of her new book, and ditto this morning on Good Morning America, and now John Edwords is portrayed as a ding-a-ling. The "uglest dog in America" would be too high a compliment. Rielle's new book depicting the affair is titled "What Really Happened." John Edword's title would hypothethically be "If I Did It." Up to this point I had never seen a photo of Rielle Hunter. Rielle either has ice flowing in her veins, or at least seems to judging by her stellar performances on her live interviews. Or she could be just being truthful. Meanwhile, John Edwords is a lawyer and a politician, aka, a trained liar, and he could have met his match in the negative sense of the term. If some author wrote the same story it would be a good story understandably fiction in the Harlequin genre just a bad romance.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday, Already

I had sticker shock after discovering how much a can of corned beef cost nowadays. $5-6.00!!. When, while no one was looking, did canned corned beef get to be so sky high? Btw, as to how this all began, for no particular reason, the mood struck me for a plate of corn beef & cabbage. Quick and easy. Fresh corned beef takes too long to prepare, and now apparently the canned stuff is beyond my means. If a can of corned beef had a prize in it like CrackerJack, I still wouldn't buy it. $5-$6.00 for 12 oz!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Is Impulse Buying Bad for the Mind

I don't mean splurging for big items like yachts or Lamborginis on a whim, but instead impulsely buying those inconsequential items grocery stores typically display strategically within easy reach at the checkout line next to the tabloid newspapers. I bought this oatmeal health food bar. Should have took a pic of it. Okay, I'll do that later. Anyways, usually when you bite into the oatmeal bar it crumbles apart. The latest and greatest oatmeal bar that I bought, at the checkout line, 60¢ oh what a deal, didn't crumble apart much to my sheer delight which struck me as odd. In fact it would take a chisel and a mallet to break it apart though chewing works too. Some lackey factory assembly line worker must have used epoxy instead of food glue to bond the individual oat meal flakes together. Or they mis-wrappered something meant as a dog bone. Several days later my teeth started to ache. I recognize a toothache when I feel one, and this, believe me, was the start of a toothache no question about it. For me, the problem with toothaches is that they subside for a while, but, then, whenever you drink something hot or cold, the toothache hits the nerve again for the next 20-minutes or more. This went on for several days and nights. If there is a moral to the story, do not bite into anything hard. Your teeth will thank you.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pan-Pacific Festival Parade

Another day, another parade in Waikiki town.

Same guy in yesterday's post, da mayor.

 What's wrong with having geishas in a parade?

 .... Too many people want their picture taken with them and then the parade momentarily comes to a halt.

These mascots were stationed on both sides of the street.


Kids along the parade route trying their hand at taiko drumming. Early in the parade they were handing out candy too.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

King Kamehameha Celebration Floral Parade

I took a lot of pictures of today's parade but I must have messed up the camera settings and to my chagrin most of the pics came out dark. But here are a few photos that didn't.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Pan-Pacific Festival Ho'olaule'a

Happy Aloha Friday, if it is, and as always, a Happy Aloha Friday, if it isn't. The tents for the food booths for tonight's Ho'olaule'a on Kalakaua Ave, the main drag in Waikiki town, are set up in the morning, many hours in advance of tonight's annual block party.

They place the empty tents on the sidewalks then around 4pm start moving the tents onto the street itself for the vendors to fill with the fold-up tables and stoves and bbq grills and fuud. What this means is that at the 4 o'clock hour traffic starts getting gridlock. Don't even believe that "Kalakaua Ave closed at 5pm" mobile sign that the city stations on the street. The vendors don't bring their own tents or canopies. Either they aren't allowed to or it's better for them to collectively contract out the setting up the tents to a single tent company. Also, although the participants of the Pan-Pacific Festival (June 8-10) are either pacific islanders or from pacific rim countries, the food vendors for tonight's block party are all local food establishments, restaurants, lunch trucks, etc., so the annual block party has been a windfall to the local food entrepreneurs. The Pan-Pacific-ers themselves aren't part of the conversation in regards to the menu items irregardless of the 'Pan-Pacific' ethnicity aspect of the festival's theme. It's far from Tonight is an enjoy the taste of different Pacific cultures, pan nor pot. Oh well, do the French serve french fries, or the Italians, chef boyardee. That is, the vendors sell and showcase the very specialties that are popular at their island restaurants which resembles nothing authentic to Pan-Pacific recipes irregardless of the occasion. That being that, judging by the usual sell-outs at many food booths it's not a bad thing.

This is as near to tonight's ho'olaule'a that I'll get. Too many people packed together for my comfort level.