Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tonight's Obama vs. Romney

Obama was flat during tonight's debate and appeared almost battle weary. In the eyes of the tv viewers Obama might have lost the battle, but I'm adamantly voting for Barry election day. Obama's strategy is to play it safe so why dribble the ball on a political stage and risk getting called for traveling and foul out. Romney has to unseat him. Let Romney get up and do gangland Gangnam to get personal with the common people. A Mormon president might work out well who knows. I admire Romney for not backing down on the '47-percent.' That said, Romney is playing a hypocrite by vociferously holding Obama accountable for past promises that didn't pan out. Romney is committing the same cardinal sin of what he's criticizing Obama of being guilty of body and soul, via Romney foot and mouth. He's issues promises without warranty. Promises? ..... you can always make more. Unless this country is a monarchy, it's meritless to hold a president liable for campaign IOU's.

Hypothetically, if Romney wins but can't lift the economy and get us $2 a gallon gasoline in four years, does he plan to step down and refrain from running for a second term which he summarily demands of Obama? Mitt Romney has forked tongue written all over his face. Then he has the gaul of taunting Obama of repeating things over and over so that people begin to believe false things as fact. Remember, WMD's. Bush & Co. kept repeating WMD's until Bush led the nation into a needless war in Iraq. Then after WMDs failed to materialize the republican excuse was, "Oh, we didn't invade Iraq because of WMDs. We invaded Iraq because they're next to Iran and we can now keep a closer watch on Iran." The truth remains, the world is not ready for another republican US president. Not in a mere four years later. Albeit, Obama will have to defy history by being the only president re-elected with the kind of low economic figures he has on his hands. However, I personally feel his hunting down bin Laden will negate that.


Kay said...

Thank you for this post, Ron! You've hit it on the nails. I really felt that Obama had lots of opportunity to deliver more knock out blows during the debate, but he held his punches. We absolutely cannot have Republicans back in power. They've already come too close to ruining the country!

RONW said...

Kay- playing it safe often turns into walking a tight rope, and more trouble than it's worth. A simpler explaintion for the uncharacteristic lackluster, is that Obama wasnt' feeling well, judging by the shadows under his eyes. Btw, I do write just about every night. But, then, while the post is still in draft, I jump around to the various forums that I subscribe to without making it back to Blogger.