Saturday, September 29, 2012

Of Late and Never

Before I forget to mention, the other week the silence of the night, er, the lull in traffic noise on the street below, was abruptly interrupted by this non-stop thundering. So I sat looking out at the night sky from my lanai (balcony) lamenting that this is nature's way of reminding us that summer had already passed and since the seasons never reverse we won't see summer until next year. The thunder is a prelude to the wet winter weather headed our way. Trumpets would sound better but it wouldn't make things better. Ah we'll survive another snowy winter in the islands. You know how people seem to rave about rainbows that they're a silvery lining and all that. I'll let you know that I'm not a huge fan of rainbows. Even as a consolation for the inclement weather. Rainbows in reality are simply exquisite to look at through a window from inside a building or on a postcard. I'm more an outdoor person, thus, rainbows are the antithesis to my metabolism.

Well it wasn't thunder after all. Scientific Fact: thunder is usually followed by lighting flashes. Non-stop thunder is even moreso followed by extened bursts of flashes and many lighting bolts oh puhleeze don't strike a tranformer and leave us with blackouts. This was already 10-minutes after the fact with no flashes lighting up the night sky. It was actually fireworks. Waikiki has a fireworks display every Friday night at 7:45 pm, but what threw me off was this was a Wednesday night. The weekly Friday night fireworks are set off at the other end of Waikiki. It's not visible from my apartment building. I can't even hear the explosions from this far off. However, whenever, I can hear the fireworks it means that it's being set off either from a offshore barge or a beach nearby my part of Waikiki town and because it usually to mark a special event, paid by a visitor group, the firework displays are more extravagant. I can see most of these rare aerial treats from my apartment building's stairwell. Well, like I was saying it was 10-minutes later before I realized that the incognito thunder was really fireworks explosions. So, I rushed out to the stairwell to enjoy whatever remained of the fireworks show. To my chagrin, as soon as I opened my front door I hear the finale, the ending salvo. Never saw the fireworks.


Cloudia said...

Doh! I enjoy the crystal clear 'snippy' days of Oahu winter, Bro.

The Kuhio Ave micro-tunneling guys are staying in my building and parking their trucks on Hobron. . .

Don't you watch Guy? We have the best weather on the planet! LOL

Aloha from Honolulu,
Wishing YOU a super week
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

RONW said...

Cloudia- absolutely, winter has clearer skys.

Kay said...

What??? You guys get fireworks EVERY Friday? Somebody's got that much money to burn up? That is incredible. Couldn't they use the money to fix the sidewalks and cover the pot holes?

RONW said...

Kay- actually, the people living on the hillsides in Honolulu have a more spectacular view of the aerials than the majority of us living what most would assume front row seats.