Friday, September 28, 2012

Light-less on the Ala Wai plus an Oddball

My desktop lamp went on the blink, sadly, permanently. Simple solution. I already had a backup desktop lamp somewhere. I bought two of the same model on the very same day back when. One of those kinda things that you like so much that I planned in advance that eventually when the desktop lamp went out I'd have an identical replacement on hand. Absolutely brilliant. The problem was that I forget, as in, bad memory, that the trusty backup desktop lamp was already the first lamp. The first lamp actually had seen its days but I still kept it around for sentimental reasons. But in reality, it doesn't work. In reality, I was already using the second backup desktop lamp. Thusly, no functioning backup desktop lamp. Thusly, no light near the computer. I don't need light while I'm on the Internet. The light on the Internet is blinding as it is. The Light of Knowledge. The light of too much knowledge as we all know too very well for ourselves. However, I do use my computer desk to read. I don't have the luxury of so much space that I can have a desk in every room in my lavish mansion. If you're wondering if it's just the halogen bulb. I tried a new halogen bulb and it still didn't work. There's something faulty with the ballast in the heavy base that keeps the lamp from falling over. I still haven't tossed the two non-functioning lamps, electronic cadavers as they are. Tomorrow. Maybe, tomorrow. For sure, tomorrow, for crying out loud.

I received a voice message from my secondary bank. By secondary bank, I mean like how you have a primary Email address and other Email addresses. The same idea. It was last year that I deposited a sum of money a few dollars shy of a million into the secondary bank. Set up a saving account with an unwavering intent of never using it. So as months went by, I don't withdraw any money, and for my frugality the bank sends me a notice that my account has garnered an inactive account status and something about them taking the money off my hands and contributing the idle money into their Christmas party fund. Of course, they didn't use those words, but the meaning was the same. So I decided to cancel the saving account but set up a checking account at the same bank, so every now and then I'll pay for gasoline and that'll keep the account active. Well, after the girl printed me out a few checks to use in the meanwhile, I noticed that my address on the check didn't have my apartment number. The girl replies that the bank didn't have my apartment number in their records. Just the street address. I explain, "There are 12 floors in my apartment building with 12 apartments on each floor. Without my apartment number how are you mailing me necessary items. I didn't remember receiving mail from the secondary bank, but since my intent was to squirrel money away, I wasn't overly concerned.

Well, after I set up the checking account, a few days later, I received the voice message from a Miss. M. whom I presumed was the same bank girl who set up my checking account because she asked me to call her back regarding something about the address they have on file for me. So, I'm already thinking out loudly to myself how can you people still keep on screwing up on my address exclamation mark. Miss M. leaves her desk phone number twice, you know, repeating it a second time, which I thought was nice. However, when I called the number today explaining that I'm returning a phone call, the girl that answered asked, "Who are calling?" Or something in the order of "Who called you asking to call them back?" So I give her the numbers to the phone number that I had dialed, and what seemed from my end of the phone barely sufficient time to have flipped through the company directory, felt like ½ second, she, "Oh that's Jonathon's number, but he's not working today." "Do you want me to transfer you to somebody who can take care of this for you?" "And oh, what was you calling about again?" So, I answered that I don't want to be transferred anywhere. It's only about address information and I'm sure that you can handle this. Now I know for a 100 percent certainty that it was a girl that had originally called and left me the voice message. And not only that, the girl's voice, the girl I'm talking to live on the phone is starting to sound so much like the girl's voice that left the original message unless she's perhaps lip-syncing. Can I even wait for her next album. Anyways, she asks me to hang on and wait while she looks up my address info and she informs me that the bank indeed has my apartment number in my address. In sum, it's kinda odd, but, what the ever, it's not big news that there are some odd people in the world lol with some incredible potential.


Kay said...

I hope you get your light problem fixed, Ron. You are sure meeting some interesting people lately.

RONW said...

Kay- lol, thanks for reminding me .... I have to toss the lamps out. I'm only too sure everybody meets as many oddballs that I do. I just blog about them.