Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Sheer Insignificance Thereof

Not everything you discover is from the Internet. You might not have known this. I'm just extending you the benefit of the doubt. What does "Benefit of the Doubt" equate to in this context? Specifically, most readers of a blog (disclaimer, not this one), tend to think that the blogger is stupid. For example, when a blogger posts about a household problem du jour, the readers comment with all types of knowledge that the blogger already knows, but which the readers assumed their featured blogger was totally clueless beyond belief so lacking in turpitude that the blogger must have been standing in the wrong line when they were passing out brain cells. I'm that kind of person, guilty as anybody else in that respect, or lack of respect. Okay, suffice it as a, "in that sense," which sounds more kool. It's just that any blogger needs fresh topics to post about. And not all topics are world shattering news. For example, "I'm sorry for not having blogged in a while, but blah and here's a bonus blah for good measure." That kind of world shattering news. Neither are the topics related on the daily basis to fields that the blogger is the world's reigning foremost authority of. That aside, if a given topic is about boiling water. Readers will summarily comment that you should always use a pot to boil water. You simply cannot boil water without using a pot. Oh, btw, it's nice to have a stove too. Then go on and on about the merits of an electric stove over a wood stove. See, if you continue to chop down the trees for firewood, eventually you'll destroy all the forests until the Amazon and the Great Barrier Reef are extinct, whoops the latter isn't a forest at all, the Sahara Desert, whoops that's not a forest either. It only gets better from there.

I discovered lately that chocolate does not agree with my stomach. It gives me heart burn, and when chocolate is in a very bad mood, occasionally acid reflex. The unvarnished truth is that I probably always were aware of this discomfort. Because chocholate is a readily available happy pill, I've kept myself in a suspended state of denial for something in the neighborhood of 160 years to supplement my serotonin level. Milk chocolate is not a problem, this ailment is more a reaction from concentrated undiluted forms of chocolate like chocolate chips in chocholate chipped incrusted cookies. Chocolate coated items seem not a problem either. My theory is that chocolate coating has to be rubberized by diluting the base consistency with milk fillers thusly this reduces the raw capsicum or whatever gives chocolate it's spiceiness. My neighbor gave me a still warm batch of home baked chocolate chip cookies. I did something for her. Some things you get paid for in cash. Other things, you get paid for in chocolate chip cookies. This was the chocolate chip cookies type of compensation. It's no news to you that I ate the entire package of chocholate chip cookies in a single sitting watching the ½-hour evening news. Oh boy, did it ever give me heartburn.

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