Monday, October 1, 2012

Don't Ask Me Why

There was a table with free food samples at the grocery store today. They were serving either won ton or gyoza's, both items look alike to the untrained eye, but the product that they were really marketing was their brand of specialty sauce, so I sumise they needed something tasty to pour the sauce over. That would contaminate or enhance the sauce's taste test. However, won tons are so expensive, that when it's free, who's to quibble about the sauce. Btw, the sauce was terrific, and thank you girls if you're reading this. Before I'm misunderstood and misinterpretated, the food sample table was in the aisle that I happened to be in. I don't search out free food samples with binoculars or even know which day of the week the food samples ladies show up. A few weeks ago, I saw this older guy walking around  in the fruits and veggie section snacking on something the way a person would snack on M&M's and I'll add totally oblivious to the world around him. I assume it was loose grapes freshly picked off the vine. He definitely wasn't chewing on salad potatoes by the size of it. I thought it was despicable. Mind you not his bliss.

However if you dwell too long on these things you just might forget to buy things on your very own shopping list. I've never been one to write it down. A few minutes later I came across this food sample table offering coconut squares. Lo and behold the guy from the fruits and veggie section shows up and asks his personal buffet server to dish him out a sample of something that was still sizzling in the crock pot. It resembled very thinnly sliced sukiyaki style meat. The larger point is that they didn't have it on display for the taking quite yet. However by order of the moocher's royal request the server gives him portion of the sliced meat in a paper cup. The guy wasn't carrying any vegetables or any can goods. Nothing. He probably would leave the store just as empty handed. I bet he does this as a routine. Knows the best stores, the best itinerary, and so forth, for free food. I have a hunch that some of these nibblers are well-off people in real life. The way I grew up always made me a bit sqeamish about accepting free food samples. Til this day I feel a little guilty inside.

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