Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Place in the Sun

There are few pleasures in the world that surpass nailing together plywood forms for concrete foundations all the while working in 85° weather under the blazing sun. If that sounds delirious perhaps there were a few solar bursts during the course of the work day that enhanced the over all euphoria back on Earth, as in, 85° but feels like 90°, also, I drink a gallon of water, but don't even pee once on the job. Than at home, another gallon of water. This time of year, there's always 2 pitchers of water ready in the frig. I wouldn't call it sun stroke but things do get overbaked.


Cloudia said...

Do care for yourself, neighbor!

Warm Aloha
to you from up da block
Comfort Spiral

Kay said...

I hope you're using sunblock, Ron. That sounds AWFUL!!!

RONW said...

cloudia- will do. Thanks.

Kay- I just use skin lotion. We're working nearby the X-Band Radar (globe radar) at least for this week maybe longer.