Sunday, July 22, 2012

Those 'Save Now' Stickers

As you can see for yourself, the cashier at Longs Drugs (CVS) neglected to remove the 50¢ stickers and of course I did not receive the manufacturer's discount off the Ziploc bags. I've already accumulated a huge collection of these unremoved instant saving stickers throughout the years to know better that you have to keep a watchful eye on the cashier at the checkout, but on this occasion I was preoccupied punching in my pin on the credit card machine. I assume cashiers are trained to spot instant saving stickers. But than, it's not their money. I even placed the Ziploc boxes side-by-side to each other on the conveyor belt with the stickers facing up to no avail to the eye of the beholder so to speak. Oddly, on the shelves that the boxes of plastic bags were stocked, not all the Ziploc boxes had instant saver stickers on them so I had to dig through the lot. And still, after all that effort, the stickers were not redeemed. I wonder whether enterprising shoppers remove the stickers on some of the Ziploc boxes on the shelves to use elsewhere or later. It's not if an alarm will sound. In reality, I already have enough Ziploc bags in the pantry, but they just happened to be on sale and when you run out and need to buy Ziploc bags they're on the expensive side. So I took the entire shopping bag, didn't buy too much stuff, and my receipt back to Longs Drugs and received back a dollar for the 2 stickers. As the stickers say, "Save Now!"


Cloudia said...


Kay said...

Good for you for taking the stuff back to get the refund. We just bought stuff and discovered that they were past their expiration date. Why don't they take that stuff off the shelves?

RONW said...

cloudia- a dollar is a dollar.

Kay- "why they don't take expired stuff off the shelves?" .... the stockers aren't too bright.