Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Scenic Drive, Sort Of

I saw this car in-gulfed with flames just outside the entrance to the tunnel on the Pali Highway, townbound. I say "in-gulfed" because while the interior was enfurled with orange flames, the outside of the car was perfectly visible and unharmed. The driver wasn't around either. But apparently the driver had pulled the car off to the right shoulder and the car wasn't impeding traffic. For all I know the driver might have been inside. The flames were that thick. I dunno. This is the part of the highway where there's a thousand feet scenic drop on the side and anybody standing or walking on the shoulder is hard to miss. At any rate, there was no signs of a collision with debris scattered all around and all that. Two cars infront of me, the driver pulls off to the left shoulder and stopped. The car immediately infront of me decides in the spirit of the moment to stop too, but in the middle of the highway to check things out. It's humanly impossible to render assistance in this situation hypothetically if the driver or passengers were unconscious inside the flaming vehicle. Fortunately at this portion of the two lane wide townbound highway, people decrease their speed. They're about to enter the tunnel and there's a change of direction curve before the entrance. The grade is also uphill so it's easier to slow in this particular situation to avoid the driver infront me stopped smack dab in the middle of the road. So I started beeping my horn because this is gonna cause a chain reaction crash real soon if we don't keep things moving along. About a hundred yards behind us there's an S-turn and people generally are speeding through that chicane. We were so close to the flaming car that you could feel the heat. I didn't think about it until later, but isn't there a possibility of the gas tank exploding? This was about 4pm in the afternoon. I didn't see it on tonight's news.


Kay said...

We were driving in England when we passed a burning car. Just as we passed it, it did explode and we actually felt the heat of it. It was darn scary. You have to stay away from burning cars. People in Hawaii do rubber neck a lot. I didn't see anything in the news either.

RONW said...

Kay- even tonight's news didn't have anything about it. Nobody musta been inside, or perhaps the owner just chose to abandon the vehicle in his own special way.