Monday, March 5, 2012

Of Ominous Weather and Garlic

"Flooding expected," that's what the weatherman said. During a break in the drizzle I rode to the store with my convertible the kind without a top nor windshield wipers. That was about 5pm and it was already dark for that time of the day. At the checkout the one customer in front of me had this strong aroma probably garlic. And by strong, I mean it repels you back like struck by an invisible force field and makes you gasp for oxygen. So I stood as far back as humanely possible with my items already on the conveyor belt, and since I was the very next customer in line, the rest of the checkout conveyor belt was empty. Looked behind me and fortunately no customers so I didn't have to move up to keep in step with the conveyor belt. Then 2 customers did pick the hazardous gas zone checkout counter but then they didn't know whether to place their items on the conveyor belt because I was standing so far back that they would need to intrude into my air space if they did. They looked a bit puzzled. I don't blame them. But enter at your own risk. I'm but the sentinel minding my post. Fortunately the customer only bought 2 six-packs of beer. However Mr. Aroma started paying in cash. The cashier decided to recount the dollar bills leafing through each paper bill methodically. Never mind me. Time is of essense, so to speak. Or not to speak, for who could possibly find words to utter at those moments.

As I already mentioned my convertible doesn't have a top. So at home immediately put some saimin on the stove. Slipped on a dry t-shirt. Turned on the room size heater to it's highest setting. If you haven't noticed yourself we've had a flue free season so far this winter and I'd like to keep it so. It's thunder and lighting as we speak. And you would think Hawaii Five-O would not be a rerun tonight of all nights in view of the weather. Alas, it's indeed a rerun. I'll never watch that shoe again. I think the producers heard me above the thunder and lighting pretending I'm King Lear. It's not like they're broadcasting the show live and the wet night's weather pre-empted the live show like a football game.


Mokihana said...

I've been watching 5-0 on On Demand, and have been disappointed in the number of reruns. Interestingly, on Netflix we've also been watching the originals with Jack Lord. Totally different experience, and in many ways I like it better.

I get kinda tired of watching Steve and Danno speeding through areas of Honolulu where really, it'd be impossible to speed. Not to mention dangerous. And sheesh, they keep taking their eyes off da road when they're driving. Sheesh Numbah 2.

RONW said...

Mokihana- Done. Every time those two jump into a car they're speeding or they're about to speed off somewhere for a reason du jour.