Sunday, March 4, 2012

Guess Prices

The other night on Fox News channel the host predicted that gas prices would hit $4.25 a gallon in April based on the recent trajectory. By the looks of things (pic above), it's already April in Honolulu.

Oh, Fox News is indeed a political wing of the Republican Party, no argument about that. However, the reason that I tune into Fox is that the newscasters are the best in the business. Unfortunately, they're all under team orders to bad mouth Obama. Glenn Beck went beyond the lunatic fringe. Either a program begins right off the bat denouncing the Obama administration or they'll plug a criticism du jour later on in the script.

However, Fox women anchors are as professional as there is for their gender. CNN has stellar male anchors but 99.9 percent of the CNN women are bimbos. They project a tabloid demeaner alike the hosts on The Insider or some other celebrity gossip tv program inconducive to reporting worldly events even though news can and is frequently funny but the newsroom is an environment where disasters and tragedies can intervene on a moment's notice. Then what do you do, switch instantanteously from smiling like a laughing haena to a somber face. That trademark smirk that CNN girls have on their faces looks so natural that it must have been done by the very best plastic surgeons. When the CNN women anchors deliver the tease, that's the 'after our commercial break, we'll be back with this or that particular news item that you couldn't live without,' their smirk rises to the forehead. Sheesh, there's a way to deliver a tease and there's a way not to. Fox girls are straight faced anchors in comparison and they pitch the tease on the right note.

All this might effect me more because in my neck of the woods the local news is the official stage for vaudville reporters. With the exception of a few and far between namely Joe Moore on the local Fox affliate. I don't watch Joe Moore. Met him. Like him. But I don't watch Joe. However Joe has perennially the highest rated local news tv program and he accomplishes this without a co-anchor at his side. No secret forumla, he simply refrains from going overboard with da horseplay. The competing stations have brought in new anchors and renovated their newsroom sets but it hasn't even put a dent in Joe's ratings.

Anyways, getting back to where I was, I was watching Fox News and the hosts were reporting with tears streaming down their cheeks indeed how sad a day it is that that GM is haulting all production of their Volt, the electric car, due to lack of sales. Then they delivered the punchline. Paraphrasing, "This is the same Volt that President Obama last year glowingly touted as an example of the benefits of subsidizing green energy products." The point being that the market failure of the Volt demonstrates how poor Obama's judgement is and impeaches his legitimacy at the helm. Then of course they tossed in the Solyndra bankruptcy, the defunct solar panel manufacturer. Again, the hosts on Fox News are bound and gagged by team orders to denouce Obama with anything they can scrap up and toss at the oval office. They probably score bonuses if the president's latest job rating poll numbers drops. If there's an accolade due Obama, they'll shelve that positive news.

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