Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's Pics and Lack Thereof

Either this is the height of laziness or gasoline is cheap, the admiral owns a gasoline station downstream on the Ala Wai canal. Am I wrong but there is a paddle velcroed to the port side of the plastic kayak. Alrighty, the paddle is just for emergencies stationed idlely like lifeboats winched up on the sides of a luxury liner, knock on teak, never to be used. I've stated previously whether people are jogging, trotting, lifting weights on the banks of the Ala Wai canal or paddling canoe practice on the Ala Wai, whatever the activity, it's beneficial for residents living along the Ala Wai and drivers driving by. It's beneficial in the sense that it inspires onlookers to get off their lazy buttocks and do some sort of physical exercise themselves. Left buttocks that bounce independently of the right buttocks to boot. Participate not partake. Partake is reserved for the other 'E' word. Mahalo, Kay. The physical activity rubs off in the same way blogging about physical exercise tends to rub off on the minds of your readers. It encourages them to exercise. Too. Not all. But more than a few.

Death of a camera. I dropped my trusty 4-megapixel camera yesterday and now all I get is a white screen when I turn it on. I have tried to revive it by of course the time tested method of turning it off-and-on but the magic didn't materialize on this occasion. About 99.9 percent of the pics I've posted on this blog have been recorded with the 4-mega pixel camera. I do own a Powershot SX20 camera but it's too bulky to lug around town to take random pics. Funny thing about the incident, dropping the camera, that is, for the past week or two I was thinking about where the ever did I 'hide' the case for the camera. Almost like a horiscope, fore told. But who pays attention to horiscopes. You read another horiscope authored by a different horiscoper and it's a different prediction for the same day. Alas, this thought horiscope was right on the money.


Kay said...

I love that surfboard photo! I'm going to have to show this to my son who is looking forward to getting back on the waves.

So this is what happens when you bust your camera.

RONW said...

you'll have to hike over the sand mounds to get to the surf in Waikiki lol. Just checked on the defunct camera again .... dang still not working.