Sunday, February 26, 2012

6pm Sunday

6pm Sunday and the outlook is that the price of gasoline likely won't be cheaper tomorrow at the only gas station in Waikiki when a new day dawns unless. Unless, what? The oil companies are stricken with pangs of conscience. Heightly unlikely. What's more likely there'll be peaks of $5 per gallon come Summer at the platium gas pumps. A part of the recent spike in gas prices are due to the low value of the dollar or the exchange rate. A dollar doesn't buy the same amount it did last year. However, most of the price spike is due to market conditions, such as, China and India emerging into the modern age, but the driving force behind $4-plus prices remains the unwavering principles of supply and demand. We supply you the gas, and we demand that you pay high prices. If that offends you, you can go elsewhere to buy your gasoline. We know you'll be back. Mahalo.

Sunday Video

Better viewed, Here. I've advance the video there. Mute background music on your own.


Kay said...

I thought it was Wall Street speculators that were driving up the price of oil and gasoline. Aren't you glad you ride a motorcycle?

RONW said...

Kay- there ought to be a law against speculators. Or more practical, we should all buy oil stocks. Domestic oil companies shouldn't be allowed to set their prices on the world oil consortium rates. Every time OPEC raises the price the domestic oil companies jump for joy and oddly OPEC gets blamed. And 2 wheelers are great on gas but my big bike only gets 25mpg, 6 carburators, probably why.

Ann da Sista said...

Our gas prices in Connecticut have skyrocked to $4/gallon overnight. But what's also gone through the roof is the price of milk. I can't figure out how a 1/2 gallon went from $1.99 to $3 overnight, too. Did cows go on strike?

RONW said...

they feed the cows corn (or grain with higher demand becuz 40% of corn is used for ethanol) so that may be factor.