Thursday, June 30, 2011

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I went shopping at Longs Drugs (CVS) in Moiliili, the one that moved into the former Star Supermarket building. Star Supermarket had been there for eons and it left a void in the neighborhood after Times bought out the Star Supermarket chain and decided to close the Moiliili branch and there's hasn't been a new tenant in the vacated space for a while. This Longs Drugs branch was located only 2 city blocks down the same street but it's that much closer for the University of Hawaii student's residing around the area just downhill from the Manoa campus. Plus the old location of the Moiliili Longs Drugs was across the street from Stadium Park, formerly Honolulu Stadium years back. The stoplight-less crosswalk that you cross to get to Longs Drugs from the Stadium Park side was about the dangerous crosswalk in town, so it's safer for pedestrians to cross the street at the new Longs Drugs location.

There's a drive-through pharmacy window on one side of the building which I've never seen before. Since Longs Drugs is open 24-hours, there's a Bank of Hawaii branch inside Longs, open 24-hours too. Who has money. Just thinking out loud. When I went outside I saw this local guy taking out his ukulele from what I surmise was a ukulele bag. It wasn't like a guitar case, it was cloth. Then he puts his pooch inside the bag with only the pooch's head sticking out taking in the world. Oh, the bag was inside a shopping cart and now the pooch is riding inside the shopping cart if you get the picture. I guess the owner thought that the store might object to someone pushing his pooch in a shopping cart through the aisles, however can't simply leave pooch tied up outside. The owner saw me looking at the situation as he passed by, said something incomprehensible, and we both laughed out loud simultaneously. Then no sooner had the owner and the pooch entered the front door, this older guy and his wife passes by with their pooch wearing a sleeveless jacket, of sorts. The only difference is that second pooch is riding with his paws up on the front of the shopping cart in plain sight. If only pooches could talk.


Kay said...

That is too hilarious! I'd love to have seen it. Too bad you couldn't get a photo. I remember the Star Market. I used to go there all the time when I was at the University in the good ol' days.

Hattie said...

Great story! Could I say, "Only in Hawaii?"
I don't get it about all the big stores opening here. A big fancy Safeway, a Walgreen's, a Target: there may be people, but there is no money!

RONW said...

Kay- where's da camera when I need it!

Hattie- many stores today you walk inside, no mo many customers.

Ann da Sista said...

You should see the pooches in Bloomingdale's in Manhattan. When I first moved to New York, it was before the "dogs in bags" fad. They were everywhere. Perfectly coiffed; prim and proper. I guess they figure if you'll drop thousands on clothes that day, they'll love you and your dog. Now, Longs/CVS on the other hand....not too much to buy in there to have customer service like that. Is the Bank manned 24/7? Or is it just a "bank branch" name slapped over an ATM machine?

blournalist said...

That's too bad about your economic situation.

Here in VT, we just had the First Lady come over for a $5,000/plate dinner and 100 people turned out because... of... all the multi-millionaire farmers we have who vote Democrat? (Might have to get back to you on some of these details. Couldn't possibly have been actual Vermonters at this dinner.)

Anyway, dinner was @ 6PM and she was on a plane headed back home by 7PM. A quick 1/2-million dollar take. Feel the love there.

Plus it rained all day. Vermont was sure doing its thing.

OkiHwn said...

And her plane fare was paid for by us taxpayers...such a deal!

RONW said...

Ann- it's a real live bank branch at Longs. I think sooner or later this Longs will be a 24-hour mall with other vendors.

owner- Can't stand Michelle. I'll leave it at that. Okay, then. Well, she acts like she was voted into her position, when truth be told, she didn't receive a single vote.

Nate- she sure seems to make the most of the presidential plane. So, where's Michelle off to next month with her entourage?