Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's Sojourn

"Sojourn," I actually had to look up the word on Websters Online, and got a Netflex pop-up ad in the process on the Websters webpage, btw, the word means "temporary stay." I had thought sojourn meant a pleasant or peaceful trip to a mountain meadow, or something to that effect, but the word refers more to the length that you stayed at a mountain meadow. Meanwhile, going to get into that Netflex thing someday. Is it better than YouTube? That's a rhetorical question. Don't write an answer in the comment section. Excuse me for a moment, the zenon lamp on my desk is shinning in my eyes. Okay, back, after adjusting the zenon lamp. Opps it's already Saturday. This post was dated Friday. Regular readers to this blog will know what I'm referring to. All five of them. Rabbit Island, below.

The road carved into the side of the cliffs leading down from Makapuu scenic lookout to Sea Life Park has been repaved and chain link fence has been staked to the mountain side to prevent boulders from tumbling down on the traffic. The stop sign in the photo just before a bend in the road is the unofficial demarcation line between town and country on island's eastern tip.

When onions get to be $1.59/lb., I refuse to buy them.


Kay said...

OK... Rabbit Island?

Kay said...

How about the farmer's markets. Might be cheaper there? I can't do without onions.

RONW said...

Kay- yes, Rabbit Island. I'll be using onion powder.