Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kodak Moment

Back again at Ala Moana beach park. Which as you know can only mean....? Hint: just 2-blocks away from Office Depot. Another hint: Office Depot has the Canon Power Shot SX20 IS camera on sale that I mentioned in a previous post for $360, normally $400, and today was the final day of the sale.

So thus it was....I went buy the camera. I did do a price comparison search online but I wasn't able to find anything cheaper on the Internet, or as cheap, after you tacked on shipping and handling charges. What I did find though, was more "other" cameras, for example, a water-proof, shock-proof, freeze-proof Pentax digital compact, etc., that held the power to activate a human being's impulse buying nerve, and I immediately realized that I might end up selling the family cow for a beanstalk, if I kept on browsing, instead of taking the nearest exit ramp to Office Depot and purchasing the PowerShot SX20, if that makes any dollars and sense. Meaning that I might have bought two cameras instead of just one out of an overwhelming sense of urgency. After all money doesn't grow in greenhouses. Something there. Moving on, the above photo was not taken with the brand new camera, itself, that is, of an empty box that the new camera was in. I still haven't opened the box yet. It was taken with my older camera. My older camera took fine photos within the limitations of it's 6x optical/4x digital focal range. Any distance beyond that, however, and it's resolution became grainy. Another feature that's nice to have with the new PowerShot SX20 is it's ability to zoom while shooting in video mode which isn't always so with digital compact models.

Example of a photo taken with old camera from a distance of 100-120 feet. I'll bust out the new camera for anything beyond that range.


Rowena said...

Welcome to da club. Can we expect you to be joining the rest of us Flickroonies now?

Ann da sista said...

So am I to assume that the balcony railing is reserved only for food related photo shoots? Glad you didn't risk the new camera's well being by balancing it on the railing lest it huli over. Can't wait to see the new sharp shots!

jalna said...

Congratulations!! Be careful not to drop it while waiting in line at the market.

RONW said...

Rowena- you know something, I haven't signed up for a Flicker account yet. That might be due to an adversion to being sidetracked to yet under latest technology's "now how you figger this out??"

Ann- but I digress, I am planning to pose the new camera on the railing. The way I'll do it is with the tripod, but the plan's still in beta.

Jalna- I actually did drop it again, same Long's at Kahala Mall, same checkout line, probably the same hour but different day. In the parking lot, when I put my stuff back into my saddlebags, my camera wasn't on my belt, S.O.B. Went back inside Long's. Nada. However, the camera (Sony 150 compact) sells way cheaper nowadays but only works well for near range photos, and there's no real urgency to replace it, especially since my 2 remaining cameras take near shots well. Something with that particular checkstand at Long's Kahala, keeps knocking my camera in its case off my belt at waist level. And no, I don't post about those kind things on the front page. Had an 8G sony pro card in it, but the founder would have to buy a new charger for the litium battery. Probably would have been wise to keep a photo of name/address (hey, I'm the real owner, yuhoo) permanently stored on the memory card. Dunno.

jalna said...

Oh noooo!