Sunday, November 22, 2009

On Sunday

If you're hungry then obviously or argueably you dropped by the right blog. The ®Souper Meal, word play on 'Super,' was on sale for 99¢ at Long's Drugs (CVS). A few minutes later I stopped by Times Supermarket across from Zippy's on King St. to buy a head of head cabbage. That's to use with the can of corn beef that I also bought at Long's. Now, on to world news....when I went pay for the head cabbage at Times, that's all I bought, every single checkout counter had a line. 'After,' I finished paying, all the lines simultaneously disappeared. Did you ever watch the Highlander tv series? Duncan MacLeod the Immortal? They termed this type of phenomenon a "gathering." How I miss Duncan MacLeod, and Buffy, too.


Rowena said...

Obviously it was not a windy day when you took the shot. Otherwise, the title might have read "Super Noodles...up, down and away!!!!!"

kahuku said...

I do miss the Highlander series, but I never got into Buffy.

RONW said...

Rowena- nah, the souper noodles bounces well. Pick it up from the sidewalk, dust it off, and throw inside the microwave without a hitch.

kahuku- I stopped watching network tv after they ended the Buffy series. My only disatisfaction with the Buffy series, is that Michelle Galagher had a beak for a nose on side shots.