Saturday, December 8, 2012

Marathon Saturday

Without further ado, The Arc de Triomphe ala 2012 Honolulu Marathon. It's been a tradition the day before race day for runners to have their pics taken running under The Arc de Triomphe in full stride arms high in victory and not even breaking a sweat. Tomorrow will of course tell a different story at the end of the grueling 26.2 miles. I surmise that's the reason for the red mats to cushion the finisher's landing if they so need it. Minor detail, this is actually the finished-side of the finish line.

This is the real deal from the runner's vantage point about a 100 meters from the finish line. Still looks far to me.

The completed camera & media platform that the workers were setting up in yesterday's pic.

Quite strudy, isn't it?

Plastic crowd control barriers lining the home stretch.

You can see by how a welcome breeze lifts up the plastic fencing, it's a better running weather. It's been humid for the most part of this week.


Kay said...

Every time he sees something about the Marathon, Art has that wistful look on his face. I know he wants to do it, but I don't like it. He'll do the Hapalua instead.

RONW said...

Kay- Absolutely, it's not easy to give it up. Mind you, in today's miles, it's really 40 instead of 26.2.

Anonymous said...

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