Thursday, July 26, 2012

One Among Many Bright Ideas

If you don't take these little halogen bulbs for desktop lamps with you to the store, you'd never get the right size. That's what I did. That's what I didn't. I didn't take the burnout halogen bulb with me to the store. The two pins on the bottom of the bulb are spaced a few millimeters apart on different wattage bulbs and they won't fit. It's not as simple for example as the bulb in the olympic torch. So I left the store empty handed knowing that it'll entail a second trip to the store later. Done it before too. However, as things would have it, while I was pulling the old halogen bulb out of the desktop lamp, the bulb lit up. So I guess it wasn't plugged in snug enough.

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Kay said...

I've never had to buy a halogen bulb yet, but I will remember what you are saying... I hope. They seem to last forever though don't they?