Sunday, June 17, 2012

Is Impulse Buying Bad for the Mind

I don't mean splurging for big items like yachts or Lamborginis on a whim, but instead impulsely buying those inconsequential items grocery stores typically display strategically within easy reach at the checkout line next to the tabloid newspapers. I bought this oatmeal health food bar. Should have took a pic of it. Okay, I'll do that later. Anyways, usually when you bite into the oatmeal bar it crumbles apart. The latest and greatest oatmeal bar that I bought, at the checkout line, 60¢ oh what a deal, didn't crumble apart much to my sheer delight which struck me as odd. In fact it would take a chisel and a mallet to break it apart though chewing works too. Some lackey factory assembly line worker must have used epoxy instead of food glue to bond the individual oat meal flakes together. Or they mis-wrappered something meant as a dog bone. Several days later my teeth started to ache. I recognize a toothache when I feel one, and this, believe me, was the start of a toothache no question about it. For me, the problem with toothaches is that they subside for a while, but, then, whenever you drink something hot or cold, the toothache hits the nerve again for the next 20-minutes or more. This went on for several days and nights. If there is a moral to the story, do not bite into anything hard. Your teeth will thank you.


Kay said...

I sure hope you didn't get a hair line crack or anything. You should go see a dentist, Ron.

RONW said...

Kay- well, everything's okay now, so it's probably the teeth giving me a friendly warning.