Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dog Nights of Summer

Last night, for a few hours period, the trade winds stopped, went on vacation or whatever, and the air became dead still and it was way too warm for my liking. The Weather Station had forecast 72-74 degree temperatures overnight with 0-percent of precipitation but they was wrong because there was light drizzles, off and on, which means of course humidity. So I guess when the trade winds took a break, the humidity unleashed it's full presense upon my part and parcel of the island. This was last night. I have a ceiling fan but it only works if the lights are on, in a sorta cruel tandem. That is, in order to have the fan on, recirculating the same stale stiffling air, I would have to try to sleep with the lights on, or use a blind fold. Naturally the ceiling fan stayed off. Grrrr, with a pant, pant.

Rielle Hunter was on 20/20 (ABC) last Friday night and all I can say is that John Edwords (misspelling mines) might be a hot shot trial lawyer, but Rielle made John Edwords look like a amateur in the court of public opinion after Rielle got through defending her reputation on national tv. They both could be considered the most reviled people in America, one more than the other perhaps, or in a partnership sharing the honors like in tennis doubles. This though was until Rielle hit the interview circuit last Friday night coiciding with the launch of her new book, and ditto this morning on Good Morning America, and now John Edwords is portrayed as a ding-a-ling. The "uglest dog in America" would be too high a compliment. Rielle's new book depicting the affair is titled "What Really Happened." John Edword's title would hypothethically be "If I Did It." Up to this point I had never seen a photo of Rielle Hunter. Rielle either has ice flowing in her veins, or at least seems to judging by her stellar performances on her live interviews. Or she could be just being truthful. Meanwhile, John Edwords is a lawyer and a politician, aka, a trained liar, and he could have met his match in the negative sense of the term. If some author wrote the same story it would be a good story understandably fiction in the Harlequin genre just a bad romance.


Kay said...

Ummm... Ron? Art says why don't you just unscrew the light bulb at night?

The scary part in that whole political scenario is that this idiot could have been our President!

RONW said...

Kay- Hmmmm, I never thought of unscrewing the light bulb. Well, in a few million years maybe.

He was Kerry's vice-president running mate so with Kerry not running for president he assumed he was a shoe-in Dem presidential nominee. Without Obama he woulda been, and the real life intrigue was that Obama was considering him for vice-president just as the Rielle Hunter story/rumor became public.

Kay said...

Whoa.... that's scary.