Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mt. Waikiki

A few years from today, the sand will return back from whence it came. Best thing that could happen too if you think about it, that is, if the sand were to remain in the same spot for years upon years, the grains would only accumulate layers of suntan lotion, etc., and who knows what. Like an unwashed rug, unshampoo-ed. It would be nasty stuff to lay on. If I had a say in the way things ought to be done, the top two-feet of sand that managed to remain on the beach would be escavated and dumped and rinsed in the water than piled back on the beach so it too also got a bath with Tide detergent.

My can opener wore out, so I went and bought a new one to replace it otherwise I'd be limited to can goods that have those pull-tops. I bought a manualy operated can opener. $8, putting it pricewise in the middle of the expensive and economy class versions. The former was also a manual. I've never had electric can openers that lasted more than a few years and the old manual can opener lasted four years in service. Can openers have a Top cutting wheel and a Bottom serated wheel. The serated wheel got dull, and wasn't able to grip the edge of the lid to rotate the can anymore. You'll only get to read this kind of news here. And, no, there'll be no pics of the brand new can opener.


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