Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fiddling Around

I came across this lady at Kapiolani Park playing what I mistakenly thought was a violin on the gate of her pickup truck. "Fiddle," she said for the record. I went, "Oh." You know, my bad. I do know the difference between spoons and a washboard in a jug band ensemble. Violin versus fiddle? They resemble each other. I suppose calling a fiddle a violin is just as disconcerting as calling a violin a fiddle to the ear of its owner. Today, I went to pay my vehicle registration. My other vehicle's registration is up next month. Perhaps, online for that one. I still had coins leftover so I went buy a polish hot dog with sauerkraut at Costcos. "If you are out of sauerkraut like the past two times .... I don't want it," I thought to myself. Do you possibly walk around carrying on an internal dialoque too? Perhaps we should have a conference call some day. Anyways, they had sauerkraut. If they didn't it verges on a what is wrong with the world kinda thing. It is. I noted in yesterday's post that can openers are the bain of the kitchen utensils in my pantry. Another item in the same category is a toaster though that might technically be an appliance. The toaster that I've owned never seemed to last. I gave up replacing them. However with the price of a loaf of bread around here I've saved a ton of dough without it.


blournalist said...

Right. You know what the difference between a violin and a fiddle is? The person playing it. The same type of person that decides that we all need to hear her play (by bringing her instrument to a parking lot) is exactly the type of person that needs to make the distinction between a violin and a fiddle.

It's the same instrument.

Like getting an acoustic guitar, a big part of the appeal for many is that now everyone can hear you play!

...whether they want to or not. What a treat.

Get a real gig, lady.

RONW said...

blournalist- yea, I thought it was the same instrument just the way it's played. I did ask her if she wanted me to Email her a pic which she declined. Understandably. From a complete stranger and all that. But then I thought to myself, "she don't realize that I'm a pulitzer photographer (lol)."