Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Wet Weather

A second front of bad weather has made it's way over the islands and suppost to last into the weekend. Lawns will get watered and houses will get flooded and traffic will be a nightmare and the ducks will be happy but for the people who aren't able to stop by and feed them due to the fowl weather. Yesterday I found that water had seeped into my walk-in locker room downstairs. Just a thin layer of water but then anything on the floor wicked up the water. So I took everything out of the locker and allowed the room to dry. It's the putting back that's the larger challenge. I've done this before. However I didn't want mold to take hold. I've heard inhaling the spores can make you sick. Stood guard over my possesions while letting the room air out because in an apartment building it's not very wise to leave things unattended for too long a time otherwise they disappear. It's not usually a fellow tenant pulling off the heist, but 'friends' of tenants that might just happen to drop by at the most opportune time and take home some soveniers. What are friends for after all. Wiped the concrete floor dry with a rag because I couldn't catch the elevator upstairs to fetch a mop unlike living in a house. Then the putting everything back ritual commenced for the upteenth time. Is this a reflection on how juxataposed items in my brain is organized too over the years because if it is, than, than, I have to do something about it. Yea, all righty. I have this PC Tools Registry Mechanic on my computer now which I signed up for during an update for Adobe Software. The darn thing erases the last places I've visited on the tabs of a browser so you have to start over again when you re-open the browser after you've closed the browser. It's starting to get irritating. I'm sure there's a way to adjust the settings on the Registry Mechanic but I haven't reached a stage that I've been that irritated yet.

I purchased an item from an Internet retailer that operates out of his garage, and the Email confirmation had a tracking number on it. When I clicked on the tracking link I found that provides the tracking service.


Kay said...

Unbelievable photos, Ron!!! We were on Maui on this day and were really, really lucky that it didn't pour down on us since we were in Hana. We did hear in the news how bad it was. Good thing we didn't go to Kauai like we planned.

RONW said...

Kay- in the past, the Board of Water Supply raised their rates because of loss revenue mainly from people who didn't need to water their lawns with prolonged wet weather.