Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sand Reclaimation

Oh, there's the beach. Wish I knew how to set the camera for bright sunlight shots, but I'll get there.

A barge moored offshore collects the sand on the bottom of the ocean that has migrated from the beach.

Closeup shot.

A giant pump siphons the sand to shore and piles into a hugh dune.

Then when the dune of sand gets too huge, a bulldozer pushes it to the left. ♪♪....down by the seashore shifting sand....♪♪


blournalist said...

Your bright sunlight shots look okay to me.

This beach project is quite amazing. I'll admit it took me a while to wrap my head around how it's even possible to push the ocean back like that, but I guess they just dump a whole bunch of sand back in the water right at the shoreline, huh? That levels out the current slope and creates a new one about 50' back?

Is it true that the beach will be elevated by 2-4 ft., or is that just how deep into the ocean the reclaimed sand will go?

Never really appreciated the beach until I set foot on Waikiki. Softest sand I've ever felt.

RONW said...

blournalist- I guess it's getting the shadow areas to show more detail like how the eye would see it instead of just a dark blot. The sand's liquified like quicksand so it'll pump or siphon through the pipes than the water gets drained off at the shore. There's a 4-feet barricade wall enclosing a pool next to the shoreline but the slushing action washes the sand grain by grain back offshore. The barricade wall has openings for circulation and only about 2-ft projects above the water level so the pool or pond area isn't er hermethically sealed off. Southern California had widest beaches I've seen but then they have to be spacious becuz the water too cold too jump in for long.

Cloudia said...

and uncle's ashes!

Warm Aloha Valentines wishes from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

RONW said...

Cloudia- I think they're screwing on top of the mounds at night. Tonight, guarantee.

blournalist said...

You can lighten the dark blots a little with the Fill Light slider (in Picassa) though too much slider makes things look worse.

...or you can go back to shooting film. For all its advances, digital still isn't quite there yet.

Kay said...

I heard about this on the news. Coool!

RONW said...

blournalist- there's two setting on the camera .... white balance and ISO, which are suppose to do all the light/dark adjustments. The photo software that I use has tons of features but if I could only get it right from the start.

Kay- re-happens every so many years. Previously they use to ship in new sand but there was a protest from Molokai people about using their sand and they even used mainland sand but that batch was too fine particles and murkied up the water.