Monday, February 20, 2012

$5.60 plus tax at Sears

That is a brand new metal punch for the moment still in its wrapper. I already have one the same size but it's somewhere not to be found inside my walk-in locker room downstairs in the apartment building packed to the gills. 'Not to be found.' As in, this time I didn't even bother to look for it, just so happens it's a metal punch on this particular occasion. Is $5.60 worth the anguish of searching for hours and not finding the older metal punch only because it got dark and there's no light bulb in the walk-in locker room? People living in houses with lots of storage space just don't know what they're missing. As far as storage, apartment living is akin to living aboard a boat (ship) in a harbor. The locker room is not adjoined on the floor plan. With a boat in a harbor, at least those moored to a slip, you don't have to paddle the dory to shore .... but in an apartment building you have to take the elevator downstairs. It's a back and forth routine, on a weekly if not daily basis. The question is, is a missing item du jour not upstairs because I left it in the locker room. Then later, it evolves into, "Is the paritcular item not in the locker room because I left it upstairs?" because it's nowhere to be found in the locker room. Where is it not?


Kay said...

My brother complains of the same thing at his apartment building. Our house is a decent size, but I still forget where I put stuff. Arrrghhh!

RONW said...

Kay- well that's a creature of a different stripe .... too much storage spaces instead of not enuff. Just wait when you get old age.