Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Takeout Lunch

I was behind this lady driver with a plate lunch resting on the trunk of her car with a plastic fork sticking up. Amazing, the plate lunch didn't fall off even after half a mile. Don't know how far she had drove before I was behind her. Anyways, at a red light, I pulled up to her in the next lane and 'informed' her that she had a plate lunch on her trunk. She replied back it was the bartender's car. But she did glance back at the rear of her car, so I presume she heard what I said to her. Just her answer had nothing to do with a forgotten plate lunch, in that context, But whatever. This happened at about 7pm in the evening if that makes an aota of difference. As I said, whatever.


Kay said...

She must not have liked the bartender. I'm glad you went alongside her instead of behind or you might have gotten two balls of rice in your face. I can't believe the lunch stayed there.

RONW said...

Kay- I know this is the 'Aloha state' but every once in a while you really gotta watch who you talk to even though you meaning well. I thought she was safe, lol. This was right in Cloudia's neighborhood.