Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Obama's State of the Union

I thought Obama's speech wasn't long enough. If you're from the islands, we're really gonna miss Obama when he's not the president anymore. If Obama doesn't win the next election, this would be Obama's final State of the Union address. That's mainly why I felt tonight's speech wasn't long enough, in addition, to the fact, that Obama is a tremendous orator and time pass swiftly than listening to a usual lengthy State of the Union speech which has it's obligatory boring moments. Then there's the rousing standing ovation becuz the audience has been already bored to death and glad it's over until next year. Not with an Obama speech. That's irregardless where Obama deliveries a given speech. Obama made history by becoming the nation's first black president. The next election Obama will have to defy history by becoming the first president to be re-elected with the kind of negative economic numbers he has on his hands. Even Obama in an interview acknowledged the possibilty. As you already know, I don't like Mrs. Obama a lot. Not as a person, because I don't know her personally. There might be a lot other people who feel the same way and this might cost Obama votes. Me, I'm just voting for the local boy made good despite my dislike for the current First Lady. There's been enough commentary made analyzing the State of the Union speech for me to add anything to .... now what was tonight's speech about? Oh, the usual utopian themes.

Any credible Republican opponent has good odds of defeating Obama. But that's just the problem the Repubs have with Gingrich leading in the primary elections. 4 years is not long enough to erase the memory of the Bush disaster and replace Democrat Obama with a Republican who is no better than the captain of the Costa Concordia cruise liner. In that sense, Gingrich is the best thing that could happen to the Democratic Party. This clown while criticizing Clinton for his affair with Monika Lewinsky was back at his office cheating on his wife with a female staffer. His own political party members forced him to resign his Speaker of the House position. I thought Romney was a formidable opponent in light of the down economy. But Romney may be history and that's a good thing for the Democrats. Oh, I will say one thing about the state of the union .... I don't think the US accomplished anything worthwhile in Afghanistan after 8 years. True, had the military not been diverted to fight the needless Iraqi War, the Afghan War would have been long over and the Taliban well the Taliban wouldn't exist. But as things stands, the reality is that after the final US troop withdrawal, the Afghans will go back to growing their poppy fields and life will continue on as it has been for centuries. If Obama doesn't get re-elected and if it was solely left up to me he should be our next governor. However, another 4 more years as president is better. This isn't gonna happen again soon. Local boy as president of the USA. You're done well, Barry.


blournalist said...

People really hated Hillary, but that didn't stop Bill from getting a second term.

In any case, having a local boy as President is really just more icing on one pretty sweet cake. Without Obama in the oval office, Hawaii will have to return to being just plain 'ol incredible.

Tough break.

RONW said...

blournalist- anybody would feel the same with a person from their own state being the president. Just between you and me, there's been a semi-mass immigration of blacks to the islands their promised land so to speak. Of course, not in the same caliber as Obama. 'Typically,' they think they're the best thing since sliced bread. On the other hand, Obama wuz the best thing since sliced bread for the state, the genuine article. Tired already of these ghetto blacks from the mainland bringing down the local neighborhood riding on Obama's coat tails. Before days, the only blacks you saw were military or on athletic scholarship at UH. While growing up Obama probably only talked to another black twice a year and that was just saying hello. When young Obama came home from school he lived with his haole grandparents, the only child in the household, and demonstrates how much nurture influences a human. Otherwise, Obama would sound and rap like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson and never have been elected president. He actually had a charmed life here .... his grandmother was a vice president for a local bank .... a bank has numerous divisional 'vice presidents' .... but no local woman would have been promoted to a vice president position during those days, in comparison. Also, attended Punahou from grade school, here. When Obama went to school in the mainland it musta been a cultural shock to discover he was well black. In reality he was an accidental black.

I don't like Mrs. Obama especially for her remark after Obama was President-elect or won the Dem nomination (forget already) .... "for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country." Who the eff would have the gaul to make a statement like that in front of a national tv audience. Then there was the incident that Michelle put her arm around the shoulder of the Queen of England. The rule is and always has been : 'Whatever you do, don't touch the Queen,'. Ah but she's black. So Michelle deserves a pass.

Kay said...

Yae, Ron! I agree! I'm with President Obama all the way too. I actually like Michelle though. I'm wondering why you don't. I can't believe so many people have been supporting and VOTING for Newt. What the heck???? Have they forgotten? I'm all for him being the Republican contender though. It will give me added pleasure to vote against him.

blournalist said...

I did not feel so much pride watching Howard Dean try to scream his way into office, but I can appreciate your point.

Kay said...

I said I wondered why you didn't like Michelle, but I hadn't read your comment more thoroughly all the way through. Sorry about that.

Actually, I thought the queen was OK with that. I rather liked Michelle's spontaneity. And for the comment about being proud of the country... I thought she meant being proud for the first time as far as racism. She's under an awful lot of pressure, so I'm thinking those were OK.

I've been very pleased with her efforts toward reducing childhood obesity. That is a huge goal. I can still remember a first grader I had who was heavier than I was. Sad.

RONW said...

blournalist- that dean scream, 'implosion'. It was odd becuz all he lost was a primary in whatever state and this was at the start of the election season. Many more elections left. I guess Dean thought he had the Democratic nomination in the bag and the unexpected loss burst his balloon big time. And the Dems ended up appointing Dean chairman of the national party, what's up with that.

Kay- in her comment, Michelle glossed over the fact that this is the only non-black nation that has ever elected a black president in human history. And if you may, the only non-black nation to have a black first lady. Russia will never elect a black president. Ditto, England and Europe. Even South America. Neither Canada, you tunk? It'll never happen again pending a repeat in the US.

Even when that Aussie female official shook hands with the Queen but failed to curtsey it was a huge sensation. The Queen sorta had to act like it was okay otherwise could you imagine the media sensation to follow. I don't think arm-on-queen's-shoulder has ever been done by even european royalty. I would no less wrap my arm around the Queen of Fiji. For any royalty it's verboten. Second nature.

Kay said...

OK....................... I concede. :-)