Friday, December 2, 2011

But Still

There's two kinds of shoppers at the checkout counter that irritate me. There's more but these two species are all that I'm able to think of at the moment. There'll be a Part II sequel if this rant receives plenty 'likes'. Ever seen those 'like' and 'dislike' buttons with the thumbs down or thumbs up symbols which for some strange reason the widget isn't available for blogs yet. Or perhaps the widget is available for lack of a better term. After I recently posted about the "Speed Tester" to ping your download speed, a Brad responded with a cautionary tale (paraphrasing), "didn't you know Speed Tester was around for a while already." Score one for the readers' "dislike" button. There's the type of shopper who shops accompanied by an entourage. It might have been just a spur of the moment kinda thing. But still. Oh, a flash mob. When the group gets to the checkout line the people with the shopper stand between you and the shopper who's busy punching in his/her PIN on the machine, so anybody in line directly behind the group including me isn't able to advance an inch until the shopper has paid for his groceries or sundries, etc, and the group departs en masse. Why don't the shopper's friends skudimooch around the shopper and stand at the end of the checkout counter and perhaps make themselves useful by bagging the groceries since they're not doing anything anyways except occupying space and being in people's way in the same process.

Just the other day, there was .... "there happened to be" .... this lady in front of me in the same checkout line. After she unloaded her groceries from the shopping cart and placed them on the conveyor belt, she proceeded to walk in front of the shopping cart to punch the buttons on the pay machine. And that's where her cart stayed. Between her and me. To her credit she did load the bagged groceries into the abandoned shopping cart then push the cart with her outta the store. Hurrah. I still thought that was odd of her though.


Kay said...

I feel your pain, Ron. :-)
Art hates HATES long lines so everything about them bugs him.

RONW said...

Kay- I imagine after all them traveling you people being doing, long lines get to be too much of a good thing.

Cloudia said...

folks are so unaware of their bodies in space. They see you walking their way - or do they?
Passive-aggressive circus!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

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Anonymous said...
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RONW said...

Cloudia- da lolo's. (Today was another orange sky day wasn't it?)

Kay said...

We've been getting quite a few of those orange skies lately. Amazing!

Bradley Farless said...

Funny you should mention that.

If you go to your Layout menu in Settings, then click on Edit on the spot where the blog posts show up, you can enable sharing buttons and a +1 button. The +1 button is the Blogger equivalent of a Like button. It's tied in with Google+.

Just the other day I was wondering why they haven't put the +1 buttons on comments in Blogger yet, so I can 'Like' a comment without having to add a comment just to say I like a previous comment.

RONW said...

Brad- in Settings, I've tried to enable "Show Quick Editing on your Blog," on numerous times but it simply won't enable for some odd reason. No, I'm not contacting Blogger, lol.

Bradley Farless said...

It's different from quick editing. In your panel, just click Layout. Then it shows a block layout of where things are on your blog. You'll see a section called Blog Posts. Click the Edit link in the bottom right. You can 'check' an option that says 'Show share buttons'. It will give you a +1 button that's like a share button. If you need some visuals, let me know and I'll post some links to screen shots. =)