Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Infamous Safeway Sandwich and is Light-Headedness a Valid Excuse

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The couple who had their daughter taken away by Child Protective Services during their infamous Safeway sandwich shoplifting case had their case officially dismissed.

Monday's court hearing was a mere formality after Safeway announced it would not pursue shoplifting charges against Nicole and Marcin Leszczynski.

In late October, the couple said they each ate a sandwich while shopping and forgot to pay for it.

The couple was arrested and their daughter, Zophia, was briefly taken away when a manager pressed charges.
Personally, I don't believe for a nano second that Mrs. Leszczynski wasn't at least marginally aware that the Safeway cashier had failed to ring up the sandwich while the cashier was scanning the rest of the $50 worth of grocery items. The cashier would have had to retrieve the empty sandwich wrapper and scan it which is something noticeable. That said, I've had cashiers fail to scan a 50¢ peel-off coupon on a bottle of ketchup so forth and never realized it until I was unloading the ketchup in the pantry primarily because I wasn't actively scrutinizing the cashier. For a $5 sandwich though if they had hauled away just one of the parents the punishment would have been commensurate to the crime under the circumstances that without parents their child would become immediately an orphan. Torts for Tots. Perhaps the security guard who put the tail on the couple should have pepper sprayed the criminals.

In the over all scheme of things, Safeway must dump a lot of unsold sandwiches at the end of the day. Unless they have catering equipment to keep the sandwiches cold, the unsold stock isn't donate-able because of the bacteria count in the mayonnaise. And who likes bacteria sandwiches. Have you seen the size of some of the pre-prepared sandwiches. They're a foot long and stacked about 4-inches high. Hawaii's original name was the Sandwich Isles after the Earl of Sandwich who sponsored Capt. Cook's expeditions. However that's the former name of the state. I use to volunteer picking up unsold scones and pastries at participating Starbucks and delivering it to community centers. On not so busy days we use to pick up tubs of the pastries in total. Then this overzealous know-it-all fellow volunteer, "we should inform Starbucks that they're making way too many scones." The person in charge of the program replies back to her, "Shut the effing up." After all, scones are only flour and water.


Cloudia said...

only flour & water
can become love!

or a shoplifting beef, LOL

Aloha from up da street

Comfort Spiral

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Kay said...

I agree that Safeway screwed up on this one. It brought them a lot of unwanted publicity over a "crime" that was on the pettier side.

RONW said...

Cloudia- aye, aye, it don't sound as if you miss living on the boat the least bit.

Kay- I bet Safeway's profit will be way down this quarter. Heads will roll.

Hattie said...

We import 85% of the food in this state and throw away so much of it.
I never shop at Safeway. I hate Safeway. It is not necessary to shop at Safeway. Don't do it.

RONW said...

Hattie- I never went shopping at Safeway after that incident just found an excuse not to. But if you notice how much fruits and vegetables piled up that you know ain't gonna get bought before they spoil, makes you suspect that Safeway is just a stock market entity shoring up it's artificial value.