Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday's Tidbits and Nothing Else

You already know that the only reason I visit dooce® is to have a look at the Daily Chuck (below), a regular feature on her popular 100,000 readers per day blog. Other than that I don't read anything else on the site. Chuck is always shown balancing an object du jour on his head or snout. What's a family dog for anyways if he can't be a bona fide member of the supporting cast of a diarist genre blog. I just wanted to mention that dooce has the "The 2012 Chuck Calendar" up for sale on her webpage. She'll probably sell 6 of them in total. And I ain't one of the 6. Between you and me I don't really care for bloggers sales pitching items to their readers. In the overall scheme of things, Dooce®.com may be different in that cents. What she sells possesses celebrity status if you could measure those things. I know what you're thinking to yourself, "give me a break." Anyways, if hypothetically you were to sell your own homespun items on your blog, what would they be? Mines would be I'll sell you the left sidebar on this page. N' if you pay cash I'll toss in a bottle of sparkling Ala Wai canal water.


Kay said...

That is one very patient, obedient dog! 10,000 readers a day? That's amazing!

Kay said...

By the way, Ron, if you'd like to see a very... I don't know how to describe it... YouTube thing my son-in-law just sent me about a chihuahua, could you send me your e-mail?

RONW said...

Kay- .... 100,000 readers! $40,000 a month revenue. 'Dooce Inc.' is litterally rolling in money. *They adopted Chuck and he has been with them through some bad times. Also, here and here. About the chihuahua video .... did you vet the year it was originally submitted on YouTube? Some of these have been circulationg on the web for centuries.

oh, wow, I just saw that my Email address on my blogger Profile Page has been hacked by some russian website. Anyways, ALAWAIKIKI at