Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You've Already Seen This

To begin with this is not my sink. It's a pic of a sink which I clipped from a food blog that I read on a regular basis which I'll have the courtesy not to mention by title or post a link if for no other reason than who wants to position their mouse arrow on a url in a paragraph for of all things to visit a website that somebody else reads. At any rate, the crux of the food blogger's post today was that recipes that claim it takes takes 20 minutes to prepare are frequently false since the recipe's author does not take into account the time it takes to wash all the dishes involved in the course of preparing the recipe. What so ever the final product.

Indeed with many recipes you do eventually end up with a mountain of utensils and bowls and pots and pans stacked on top of each other in the kitchen sink. As we speak the aforementioned food blogger had received 170 comments and a few commenters mentioned that what they do is put a large rubber pan (a washing pan) into an empty sink. They fill the rubber pan up with soapy water and toss each new dirty dishes etc into the rubber pan and this way when all is done they scrub the pile of accumulated dirty dishes etc and rinse them off in the usual fashion. The underlying idea is that you would have to fill the sink up with soapy water anyways to wash the dirty dishes. The rubber pan is convenient because you can lift the rubber pan with it's dirty contents outta the sink any time you need the sink in the process er the production of the recipe. Not everybody has a double sink. You could of course put the same large rubber pan on the counter if your kitchen is large enough. Or you could use an ironing board for a make shift counter.


Kay said...

Ahhh... so is the ironing board and background your place for real?

RONW said...

Kay- oh, no, that's another pic I borrowed from the same post by an american blogger who lives in France but thankyou anyway. It seems the French iron their sheets and so ironing boards haven't become extinct yet. It's cheaper instead of sending the sheets out to the dry cleaners. Some of their customs are strange, er, unique. They don't customarily use curtains for showers stalls or tubs.

okay, I can see why the confusion over the pic. Basically since this is not a diarist blog, more of random commentary and mishmash topics, in the course of which, I frequently 'borrow' daily pics from other bloggers or websites to post them here because as we all know the world couldn't live without them. The same source of confusion over the origin of a given pic wouldn't exist on a diarist blog where it's assumed household pics are of the bloggers house or apartment.