Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tonight's Parade

Pardon the non-clarity of the photos, the parade started at 6 o'clock tonight, and the falling shadows reduced the available light. Or, I still haven't gotten the knack of adjusting the exposure, wink.

Hawaii's Ambassador of Aloha, Danny Kaleikini. Still the genuine article.

The same city and county Royal Hawaiian Band who were playing music at Kapiolani Park Bandstand in the previous post.

Miss Teen Hawaii USA.

There's a humorous nickname for these type of vehicles. Can't seem to remember.


OkiHwn said...

Hilo sampan

Kay said...

Oh wow! This is just so cool! I don't think I've seen a Hawaii parade since we've moved back. I'll have to catch it on the news tonight. Great photos!

RONW said...

Nate- LOL....yea, that's what it was.

Kay- you didn't miss much. It was a hurriedly put together parade, and it showed.