Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday at Kapiolani Park in Waikiki

I heard the Royal Hawaiian Band playing at Kapiolani Park Bandstand Pavilion when I was passing by. Decided to stop by, and to my delight there musta been only 100 people in the audience. Plenty seats available.

I dunno who the Master of Ceremonies was, but he had a radio broadcaster's voice. It gave a professional, professional something, to the concert. He sang along on a song too later.

I like the concrete pads they installed under the benches, instead of the plain dirt.

Later in China Town....

If you remember in the previous post, I was ranting about round onions costing a $1.59 per pound in the supermarket. 90¢ Cheaper in Chinatown, as are other fruits and vegetables.


blournalist said...

Love it! Now THAT'S a post right there.

Kay said...

You are having so much fun out there on the other side of the island.

RONW said...

owner- mind you, it did cost me $50 fer a parking ticket. A rookie Miss Piggy was on the beat. Apparently, some parking stalls were temporarily reserved for the participants of the parade later. The parade terminates at the Park. My bike was parked between the two stalls. Two separate lines deneliate where one stall ends and the next stall begins. 4 feet between the two lines. So when the concert was over I walked over to where my bike was parked and introduced myself to Miss Piggy.

Quite congenial for a rookie but with the blinders on. She already issued me the ticket so it's not something personal. But then the imbecile goes on about having saved me a tow charge. Bless her kind heart. Honolulu has a law that if you're there, the tow truck cannot haul away your vehicle. If your vehicle is already hooked up there's of course a drop charge. I never had a parking ticket, ever, and I mentioned it to her. She was possibly feeling bad about the inaugural ticket, yea, and on a Sunday on a 4th of July weekend.

Kay- Kapiolani Park is definitely a quieter section of Waikiki. Not as serene as Yellowstone Park or neither the sites on your Canada trip, but we'll make do.