Friday, July 29, 2011

Of Pepto Bismol Dreams

In another life, which started two days ago, and ended now, a tummy ache started to feel like a strap around my upper abdomen. Almost as though I had pulled a muscle. It was odd. The pain was a confined to horizontal zone say about 2-inches wide and 8-inches in latitude, but definitely emanating from a rut gut stomach. Anyways, I ended up taking 2 bottles of Pepto Bismol® during a two day episode of high anxiety. Like, it's an ulcer. No, it's not. It is. No, it's not, already. Bartender, pour me another shot of Pepto Bismol®. If it was an ulcer, why would I suddenly feel it all of a sudden instead of it gradually introducing me to its symptoms over a few weeks long period. When the pain subsided it was 50 percent physical relief and 50 percent mental relief, plus now I'm able to start eating my regular foods with my regular size servings. I don't remember eating anything that was possibly spoiled because the foods were fresh from the grocery store so that ruled out food poisoning. The moral is you never know how well you have it until more tragic things intervene. In this particular situation, merely the foreboding sense of tragedy, but still, never want to go through that again.

Then there were the dreams. Some idiot at the Pepto Bismol® factor idea of fun musta been spiking the contents of my pink bottle with hallucinatory magic mushrooms or peyote and on an empty stomach their hallucinatory effects were heightened at night. My memory fails me, but either it was the plumbing sprung a leak under the kitchen sink or the faucet wouldn't shut off and the sink started overflowing like Niagara Falls. Then the living room floor was 2 feet deep in water. I live on the 12th floor but water wasn't draining onto the lanai (balcony) and off the ledge into the Ala Wai canal. Uh-oh, I didn't even check to see if the lanai door was open. In the dream, that is. The water was opaque and a little sudsy on the surface because I was searching in the water for something intangible but couldn't locate it through the lack of visibility. It was a drain plug, that's it. That's what I was searching for. There musta been a drain plug in the middle of the living room floor for just this type of emergency. Pure genius, the unsung architect. Alas, I woke up but the dream did not stop. I was dreaming I woke up in the dream. Now, most of you already know that I suffer from bouts of insomnia, and at nights, an insomnia state can induce similar degrees of temporary madness where the line between the reality of awake and unawake gets murky, but this was an entirely new experience in its own right.


Kay said...

OK... you can believe this or not but that class I took addressed insomnia and showed us an acupressure point for it. I just found this website about it:

I have no idea if it really works but I have a friend who swears by it.

RONW said...

Kay- so now I get to stick myself with needles, lol. Actually, I did visit the site you linked and I give it a try.