Thursday, July 21, 2011

Helicopter II

It turned out that Tuesday's Coast Guard helicopter was assisting federal marshals in conjunction with the police department in a fugitive roundup. The police department has its own helicopter but the feds have a huge arsenal at their disposal. Well, this morning, a helicopter off undetermined origin is back. It's too far away to discern the markings, whether it's the police. If it is, in this instance, it's bs. The area the helicopter is encircling is over the Ala Wai golf course fairways itself. Dunno what that would be about.

It took a few shots. Those LCD viewfinders can be a bit cumbersome.


Kay said...

Fugitive round-up? What?

RONW said...

Kay- yes, happens every now and then. With the feds, though, they mean business, no care, if it's the relative, friend. No free pass, straight to the jailhouse.

Kay said...

I just heard about it on the news tonight. Wow!