Monday, March 28, 2011

The Onus

Another Hawaii Five-O tonight .... another re-run. What's up with that? Wasn't it just the other month that there was two Hawaii Five-O re-runs in a row. No can, la dat. On top of that, CBS removed the Five-O re-run video's from their website. So if you're late turning on the tv, 9pm HST, to watch Hawaii Five-O, you've missed out on the murder which happens at the very beginning of every episode.

I watched part of Obama's speech to the nation in which he justified his intervention in Libya establishing NATO's no-fly zone. It boils down to essentially a damned if you do, damned if you don't, type of situation and electing the lesser of two evils about which course of action to undertake, abeit, with this situation, if you tossed a coin up in the air to decide between Door One or Door Two, the coin would land on the floor straight up. Well, not as simple as that. Did Obama make the right choice? The bottom line is that you can't bring tens of thousands of dead Libyans back to life had Ghadafi rained down genocide upon them as he seemed ready to do. The victims would be dead permanently. But (paraphrasing).... "stained America's reputation permanently"....?? "While other nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities, America is not like that"....?? Just when did Ghadafi become this merciless dictator? Yesterday? It's not the scenario of the snake that escaped from the Bronx Zoo. Apparently, it remains inherently the US's manifest destiny to save the world or peril having a bad conscience. Of which there have been numerous encores and undoubtedly enough to follow. Somehow, Italy, and France, et al., a stone's throw across the Mediterranean Sea from Armageddon, aren't faced with the same dilemma. It doesn't appear neither that Russia nor China want a piece of the action. They avoid these situations like the plague. Is it then more of a strategy of positioning your nation to stay out of these quagmires? America wrote the book on how to get into military quagmires. Catch-22 on how to exit. It's almost amounts to an addiction, don't want to be an addict, but as soon as the next opportunity arises, back to the same drugs for the same high. Random thought .... would the Libyan rebels, if they win their civil war, will the Libyan liberators send a brigade of troops to Afghanistan to support US forces in the spirit of things? Whoopsie, it is sacrilegious for a Muslim nation to fight alongside infidels against a fellow Muslim nation. However, by the same virtue, isn't Ghadafi's army, Muslims who fight against Muslims rebels who would have been annihilated without air support from Nato, if you get the gist.


Cloudia said...

Aloha to you
from up da street, Ron

Comfort Spiral



Kay said...

First of all, let me agree that ANOTHER 5-0 rerun is really beginning to irritate me.

About Libya? Sigh. I don't know what to say. I agree that it's damned if you do damned if you don't. One of the other bloggers wrote that people criticized Bush for going into the Iraq thing half cocked with the world pretty much not with us.

Now you've got Obama going in with a coalition and NATO support and people are saying he's making America look weak for not thinking it could do it all by itself. Really? I can't imagine anyone thinking that. That's stupid. Sorry. That's not bright.

RONW said...

Cloudia- Hello, neighbor.

Kay- the US can't afford another war. I said it once and I've said it a thousand times, with the wars we already have, what they cost every 2 weeks, we could have paid in full the Honolulu's $5.5 billion rail system.

Bradley Farless said...

Ron, I've lost all faith in our government. We're the laughing stock of the world. Our economy is in ruins. We have every opportunity to use our money wisely, but our government is wasting it on bloated government, wars and foreign aid. Even if foreign aid is .1% of the federal budget, that's .1% that could be used for domestic improvement.

I hate to sound like I don't care about people in other parts of the world, because I do, but who said it's our responsibility to save the world? Let people deal with their own problems. If they can't help themselves, too bad. You can't help your neighbor repair his roof if your own house is burning down.

RONW said...

Brad- like spend the money on better dental plans for military spouses, among many other things. Btw, I can't seem to get onto your comment page from any browser for two weeks already. Usually works.