Friday, February 19, 2010

More Tiger

JOHN KING (CNN): ....let's bring in someone who knows and has written extensively about the life, the challenges and the temptations of pro athletes, sportswriter and nationally syndicated radio host Stephen A. Smith, sports columnist at the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER....

Stephen, you're around professional sports all the time. Take us inside that world.... What is life like for these wealthy, famous athletes, always on the road and always surrounded by fans and groupies?

STEPHEN A. SMITH: There's a whole bunch of flesh pointing in these guys' faces every single day, everywhere they go, every hour of every day..... And I'm not talking about what you would call hoochies or anything like that, just girls that are on a roll looking to get in bed with a guy. I'm talking about doctors, lawyers, nurses, accountants, women who have their own money, have achieved their own level of success. It does not stop them.

And the younger you, the more of a target you are, because the more naive you're perceived as being, which makes you an easier target and easier prey for a lot of these women. I'm talking about every city, every state, every small town. I don't care if they [sports figures] go to the bus stop, for crying out loud. There is a woman somewhere there that wants to get ahold of them, because they're very reputable figures. And the women know this.

KING: That's quite the picture you paint there.


Brad Farless said...

I honestly don't give a crap about Tiger's "indiscretions". Why is his personal life anyone else's business anyway?

I also don't think it's newsworthy that famous people are constantly getting tail thrown their way. That's a known fact already.

Everywhere Jessica Alba goes, whether it be a 7-11, a Wal Mart, 5th Ave in NYC, or Tibet, someone will recognize her and someone will secretly be wishing they could get in bed with her.

It's the same for male and female celebrities and it's nothing special.

RONW said...

Brad- it's the media frenzy that's building up the story. Woulda been a slow news day without the Tiger apology, that's for sure. The newer story is that Tiger's apology wasn't sufficient. At any rate, how the heck did Tiger think that sooner or later, he wouldn't be found out?

Brad Farless said...

If you or I did this, it wouldn't be news. It never should have been reported on to start with.

And... what constitutes a sufficient apology?

RONW said...

Brad- thousands of unsung people are guilty of the same indiscretions as Tiger, every new minute of the day. "Insufficient apology" dealt with his inadequate delivery not directed to the substance of the apology, all in all, a media ploy to extend the story.

Cloudia said...

Wish I was better at sports! LOL

Aloha, neighbor

Comfort Spiral

RONW said...

Cloudia- walking isn't an olympic sport, yet.