Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mornin' (updated)

Sunrise over the backside slope of Diamond Head crater.

Paddlers at dawn on the Ala Wai canal.

Took a walk to the beach. The beach is indeed different on a Saturday morning.  I kept adjusting the settings on my camera, but alas I just couldn't get the lighting right on the photos. Last week it was the focus, this week it's the lighting. "Lights, action, camera....huh."

The water appears white-ish in this photo because I set the whatever to a lighter value otherwise the hull of the canoe and the paddlers would look like they were in shadow. (??) Anyways, it's about a 5-mile round trip to the beach and back to the apartment for exercise.


A few years ago, I was taking a photo at night of a menu that this Burger King had posted on the front glass window, and a worker came outside and said something about I can't take photos. So, I politely reminded the imbecile that this is A-M-E-R-I-C-A, and the USA is a free country. Thus, if I desire to take a photo of your fucken menu on the front window while I'm standing on the public sidewalk, it's perfectly legal in this country. They might have had illegal immigrants working on the shift. Or the generalisimo was the self-conscious type. Idiot. That's a chief reason why high school kids don't want to work in fast food joints after school along side their classmates to earn some spending money, only to be in the company of the 40-year-old donkeys.


We're on vacation, eh. I've noticed that walking around Waikiki with a camera makes me feel as if I'm a tourist.

One of the many Sony Open banners strung up on every light pole on Kalakaua Avenue, Waikiki town's main drag.

My apologies to Tiger (Woods) ....

Waikiki's own version of the Seven Sacred Pools on island of Maui. Turn on the shower and you've got yourself a waterfall.

St. Augustine's church across from the beach.


Rowena said...

Photos lookin' good. Glad you getting out for some exercise with the rest of the tourists. Has anyone ever asked you if you'd like to have your photo taken with Duke? Please oblige your readers if that should ever happen.

RONW said...

Rowena- the visitors not worthy taking picture with his statue. In fact, they not worthy being in the same picture with me. I know. But true.

OkiHwn said...

Ate a lot of times at the old Eggs & Things years ago.

RONW said...

Nate- they might have raised their lease, thinking that millions would be beating down the door to move in, since that the location was so much a fixture in the neighborhood, if Eggs n' Things balked.

Anonymous said...

Many companies ask people not to photograph the inside or outside of their building simply because they're concerned that competitors might try to steal their ideas. The guy wasn't trying to be a dick to you, he was just enforcing company policy. Many places don't allow photography of or in the establishment, examples of this are Genki Sushi and Borders.

RONW said...

Anonymous- I realize the issues surrounding trade dress, however, I happened to be standing on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant, itself, which IMHO lies outside their jurisdiction irregardless of the employee's worldly notion of what constitutes territorial integrity. Even if they were entitled to a buffer zone on the outside, the exterior design of this particular Burger King deviates from other restaurants in the franchise. They took some liberties, I surmise, due to the retail space's cramped quarters, and pedestrians might walk by the place without having noticed it. They stuck on surfboards to the front entrance doors, for example. I guess that what I'm getting at is that the protections chain restaurants enjoy under trade dress (unique design) do not extend to substituted designs but apply wholly to their generic brand. Plus, I coulda just as well taken the same pics with telephoto less obviously and thereof sold their design on the Internet to the highest bidder. This is just a classic case of an overly self-conscious third-world worker, getting minimum wage, and in gratitude, chasing away $20 of business a day.