Sunday, January 17, 2010

In Brief

As you can tell, I strolled down to the beach again to work on my photography skills. I'm starting to believe that it's not the photographer who's responsible for the shoddy pics. It's the camera. If I may say so myself. Truth be told and all that. At any rate, my photo safari involves at least a five mile trek. I only live two blocks from the beach, itself, but the trail I follow along the beach meanders here and there, and, as such, I rack up extra miles on the footometer.

No waves, or as they say, "flat." Minus well, sit around and talk story in the lineup, la dat.

Another Sony Open street banner.

As the sign extolls, "real" Kona Coffee. Hey, for only 89¢, across the street from the beach.

A popular hangout any day of the week. 

Lifeguard station at Kapiolani park. Nice work if you can find it. 

Hawaiian koi.

Ahoy, there!


Rowena said...

Can you take us to the zoo next time? This is like the days when I used to cut classes to give my brain some "time out". Also, you just have to do a Starbucks shot and by that I mean go into Starbucks, order their latest concoction and shoot photo. Then tell us how it tastes. Everybody is doing that these days.

Brad Farless said...

I like the shot of the fish.

@Rowena: Ya, everyone does seem to be taking photos of Starbucks coffee and blogging about it. I wonder why that is? I like their toffee nut latte, but one or two a year is enough for me.

Rowena said...

@ Brad - it never occurred to me as to "why" on that it "is". I wish I could but Starbucks will never fly in Italy, no matter how popular the drinks are with bloggers.

Rowena said...

Oh, another thought that popped into my head when I read about your "encouter" with BK's "no can take photos" policy - how many BK's and McD's in Waikiki anyway?

Brad Farless said...

Starbucks just doesn't cut it compared to the real deal in Italy huh? ^_^

RONW said...

Rowena- Starbucks has a policy on not allowing photos of their interior, for trade-dress issues, I guess. And I agree that Starbucks would never work in Italy.

Brad- there's a lot of Starbuck's in Waikiki, but I grind my own Kona beans. Btw, I haven't been able to get my ®Disqus comment software to work on my blog.

Brad Farless said...

Kind of weird how so many places don't allow photos of their interiors when there are so many photos already floating around. What're they trying to stop?

What have you tried for getting them enabled? It should be pretty simply since you use a standard Blogger layout.

RONW said...

Brad- I simply followed the steps per Disqus's instructions, but no walaa. On trade-dress, I know that with trade-marks if the owner doesn't actively guard his trade mark's unique-ness, it's deemed almost permissive for other to use. That might be it. Dunno.

Brad Farless said...

Which option did you check? Enable for future entries, or enable for all entries?

RONW said...

Brad- the instruction stated to enable "New Post Do Not Have Comments," for whatever reason (??). Bottom line is that it still didn't work.

Brad Farless said...

Well, what's supposed to happen is that you install it via their uploader. It sounds like you picked "New entires only" and then in Blogger's settings you set new entries to not have comments. Then when you post a new entry, Disqus takes over instead.

Hopefully you haven't deleted the original template file you downloaded.

Go back to Disqus. Select "All Entries" when it gives you the choice between the two radio buttons to click. Upload it and let it redo it.

Then go to your Edit HTML here, click "Expand Widget Template", and copy and paste the code from Disqus into your HTML window. Of course you have to delete what's there already first.

Then go back to Disqus and under Tools, look for Import / Export. From there you can import your comments that were made on Blogger's native system. So, you'll have Disqus on all entries and you won't lose your comments.

It's also less complicated if you ever want to remove it. The way you did it, if you ever removed Disqus you'd have to manually enable comments on all those posts. You also wouldn't get the benefit of comment syncing that Disqus offers. That way if you remove Disqus all the comments will still be in Blogger.

Brad Farless said...

Oh, and if you don't still have the original template that you downloaded before patching it with Disqus, it's easier to create a new test blog with this same theme, download it's template and use that. I checked and I can see Disqus code in your blog. View Source shows the part you put just above the closing < /body> tag. If you were to download this and try to install over top of it, it would mess up. Trust me, I've done it before.

RONW said...

Brad- I don't have the original template. Also, I wasn't aware of the Tools > import/export step. Wasn't given on the Disqus instructions. Still working on it. Mahalo (thankx).