Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ketchup Bottle on Lanai Railing

While I'm practicing my photography skills, I might as well shoot a subject that accomplishes something instead of just sits there. "Waste nought, want nought," is the secondary theme.


Rowena said...

Is Del Monte your preferred ketchup of choice? or is it that Del Monte was on sale? I do the same thing with my shampoo.

Cloudia said...

Look out below! LOL

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

RONW said...

Rowena- just happened to be the ketchup that was on sale, of course. I'll give you the plastic bottle when it's empty so you can play store, again.

RONW said...

Cloudia- *your comment must have arrived as I was replying to another comment (6:17 vrs. 6:18). And no, props usually fall onto the lanai side, at least, 18 eggs in a cartoon did.