Friday, October 2, 2009

Messenger of

I imagine that text-er's would prefer it termed driving while texting, with driving the ancilliary action. That is, they're always texting some person or the other. They just also happened to be driving at that given moment. Fortunately or unfortunately, its the deed, not the words that matter. Myself, I do feel significantly safer in traffic ever since the State banned handheld cellphone use along with text messaging while operating a vehicle. Minus well share a ride, then? Not even. So, this driver hears his phone ring. Must be important. Picks up. "This is your Sprint provider with an urgent message.... you are pass due on your bill." Also, I'm way behind everbody in designating different ring tones to ID known parties. How advanced are those software that use to translate your voice into text? They're able to recognize brain waves by now?


Brad Farless said...

I think it's a great idea to ban texting while driving along with physically holding the phone to your ear. It's a distraction and people drive horribly enough without that adding to it. If someone really has a need to text and can't wait til they get to the office, they should pull over. Other than that they should be using a hands-free device for voice conversations.

The irony here would be if someone picked up their cell phone to take a photo of someone using their cell phone while driving to report it, and then got pulled over for holding their mobile while driving. At least you'd have a good reason and photographic evidence to support your claim. Ha ha ha!

RONW said...

Brad- LOL. There was a study that hands-free devices don't reduce driver inattentiveness by much.

Brad Farless said...

Well, that's a shame.