Friday, October 2, 2009

Iron Horse on a Friday

T'was a nice Happy Aloha Friday to take Iron Horse around Makapu, spin around at Sea Life Park, return back to town via the same route, making the most of the winding road along the rugged shoreline. The photo is at Sandy Beach. If you weren't already aware, I author a blog. Thus, it's imperative that I take a picture of Iron Horse in full repose or whatever professional photographers term it, I'll look it up later, to paste on my webpage. All the people passing on the highway were thinking out loud, "Hey isn't that RONW?" Almost famous, if you may. Just kidding. Seriously. Nobody waved. things would have it, a two-wheeler, with Koko Head crater's caldera as a backdrop. If you're ever seen bikers give abbreviated waves to other passing bikers, that's the international sign language for "ride safe." Not, "how are you?" It's a highly regarded ritual with a warning and friendly reminder.... otherwise, you crash and die. You only die once.  

Koko Head crater from last week's post. I'll get there someday.

Koko Head crater from this week's post. There.


blournalist said...

A superlative entry. More, please.

RONW said...

owner- ride safe.