Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Bunch of Lolo Grinches

Good thing the homeowner above been wake up when he heard his dogs barking at 2am in the morning. This happened last week Thursday night. He get up, he hear somebody outside in the dark, sound like they breaking into his house. So the home owner been yell at the intruders and they been run away one got caught later down the street. Here's where the story gets beyond pathetic. The next morning he check the outside of the house and he found a few window screens partially pried open. He keep looking around and to his utter disbelief, he discovered that the thieves been steal all the christmas lights that was strung up on the eaves. Effin lolo's. So if you run across somebody trying to hawk strings of christmas lights to get money to buy their meth .... no call the cops. We take care of the lolo's ourselves.

I usually put up my christmas lights by the stroke of midnight Dec. 1st. If I don't put them up by then the odds are that I'll skip this year like I did the last 2 years. Something related to not making a proverbial deadline ordained in the horoscope or some other type of temple of divination that the jungle has overgrown and shrouded from modern civilization. Of course Dec. 1st been pass already. Up until now that would mean no christmas lights on my lanai railing (balcony). However, the story above has inspired me to dig deep down and find the energy inside myself to string up the christmas lights anyway. So, bruddah, above. Sorry for your lost. But you can come my house and look at my christmas lights dedicated to you and your family. And your family dogs. Bellieve me, I gotta dig way inside my locker room underneath stacks of things for the christmas lights. But I find them. Aloha.

When I walk around my neighborhood at night, I notice that not very many people have strung up christmas lights. The exception is the people who didn't take them down from last year and they just plug them back on. Their plastic trees will keep a year too. I'm not mocking you dear reader who have the evergreens. However, this lack of christmas lights, the ceremonial spirit, whatever, has been going on for a few years now. I guess the economy has dampened people's spirits not by any measure to a melted snowman demeaner bah humbug christmas is plain overrated I'll regrift the joy and the send it to the next recepient down the line like a chain letter no kurgerrand for you red kettle, but the genuine meriment doesn't overflow the cup as robustly as it did. That is, before the economy went to the south pole, there were visibly more christmas lights set up everywhere on this side of the Ala Wai canal and on the other side of the Ala Wai too.

In other news, or should I intone, in other observations, soy beans were on sale for 4 for $5.oo at the grocery store. That's $1.25 each. 16 ounces packages. However, usually a 16oz package of frozen soy beans is almost $4.oo at the going rate. They use to be perenially on sale for $1.00 to $1.25 almost all year round. It remains a mystery to me why the price of soy beans been fluctuate so high. It's not real important in the grand scheme of all things grocery-wise, but they were my favorite snacks. I use to eat them frozen. Rarely less than a bag or two a week.


blournalist said...

Hey - he looks like one of the Opihi Pickers!

RONW said...

blournalist- the last of the opihi's on Honolulu island was picked decades ago. Scared eat, anyways, too much shoreline polution.

Kay said...

I don't know what it is about this year, but I'm really having a hard time getting my holiday engine going. My aunt and friend both asked if we could discontinue gift giving and I was really relieved.

RONW said...

Kay- I second the motion. Won't apply to the kids, of course, but what type of presents haven't you bought already for the relatives and have to rack your brains thinking of something different for this year.

Cloudia said...

soy is a good snack. . . . like boiled peanuts. Can't wait till I get senior prices at Holiday Mart!

Friendly Aloha from Honolulu
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RONW said...

Cloudia- save some of the soy beans at the store for me. Yeah, Holiday Mart for me too.

Mokihana said...

We have lights all across the lanai railing, and small kine decorations in the hale. Which is 'way more den lass yea.

Stupidheads foa kakaroach somebody's Kalikimaka lights. Sheesh. Dats getting pretty low.

RONW said...

Mokihana- I'll put up my lights I dunno when but before next year Xmas.

yea, that theft was the lowest, da lowest. Meth heads.