Sunday, November 25, 2012

U.S. Mulling Leaving 10K Troops in Afghanistan After 2014

What is so wrong with the headline above besides being both beyond unbelievable and stupid at the same time? And if you must ask, no, I did not get everything I so desired over the weekend however neither did I approach near the fiscal cliff. I haven't forgotten about tomorrow. Cyber Monday. Every day it's a cyber monday for the US policy makers it seems. For starters, how long will the 10,000 troops be stationed in Afghanistan after 2014 as a matter of policy? Until 2016. Then 20xx. The US invented mission creep and now apparently the policy is to take it to even another level. There is nothing permanently worthwhile that the US has accomplished in the past decade in Afghanistan.

As it is, the entire US military force is fighting a contingent of 200 al-Qaeda soldiers throughout the entire Afghanistan and those include the imaginary head count. It's been said of Osama bin Laden that he couldn't lead 7 ducks across the highway. The US is fighting his ducks. Oh, it's about the Taliban. See, becuz the Taliban are harboring al Queada in their poppy fields. Thus to exterminate the last remnants of al-Qaeda, every Taliban member must be rounded up and imprisioned indefinitely. Or shot. I agree. However, in Afghanistan, every other person and his gecko is Taliban.


Kay said...

I really don't think many of the policy makers in Washington have a real clue of what long term good we're doing there as well as what it would take to keep peace in the Middle East or maybe even if it's possible.

By the way, thank you for your great comment today, Ron.

Kay said...

How weird. I could swear I wrote a comment yesterday, but it's not here. I'm thinking staying in the Middle East until it settles down would mean staying there forever and we really don't have the resources to be a policeman there forever.

RONW said...

Kay- when they set the dealine "by" 2014, most people understood it as pehaps "before." A tv news host put it this way, "the US has been at war for the entire first decade of the 21st century."

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