Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sex, Lies, Emails and the Media

If you haven't heard 'Petraeus' repeated over a trillion times on the tv by now, your electricity was off becuz you failed or forgot to pay your utility bill, or if you have heard Patraeus ad nauseam, than warning this will be the trillionth and one time. The reason that I'm more negatively effected by the non-stop media frenzy over the Petraeus affair than the average human is that I almost always watch 24/7 news channels on tv. And that's all the news channels have been spouting about this past week. Petraeus Petraeus Petraeus Petraeus. At this point I only wish the democrat administration had traded keeping the Petraeus affair silent to the repubs in exchange for extending the Bush tax cuts another decade, well almost. Okay, it's a deal. Oh, you have to forfeit the Obama re-election too, of course.

Mind you, the annoyance is not entirely what you may think it is. I am starting to get a bit captivated by the developing events. Originally it had all the trappings of media malfeasance of hyping a non-story into a news bonanza. It still would remain a mundane story at the most of tabloid value had it not been for the new characters that have emerged outta the woodwork. Essentially like guest stars on the Hawaii Five-O series. Seriously, though, these bimbo's whom instigated the chain of events .... don't they realize that we still have a war going on. On top of that, they're not your average variety of bimbo's swept up in a media storm and cowering away in secret safehouses. Instead they're savvy in how to flex their muscles. Both buttocks and shoulders and why wouldn't they, shovel ready, if you may, for example, the harrassing Emailer can only benefit from the windfall  publicity for the sales of her new book devoted to the Gen. Petraeus and her service as a his laptop. Meanwhile, the victim of the harrassing Emailer enjoys life as a socialite with nothing better to do than bask in the spot light of the elevated celebrity.


Anonymous said...
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blournalist said...

Well it's not exactly a news flash to report that D.C. is full of sluts disguised as overacheivers.

RONW said...

blournalist- probably was and will always be so, but with today's technology, discretion is a thing of the past. A single leak spells the end of a distinguished career (ridiculous) a nano second later the affair goes viral and takes on a life of its own.

Cloudia said...


The whole thing is unsavory

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RONW said...

Cloudia- fascinating though. Okay, in a sick way.

Anonymous said...
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Kay said...

I guess I did pay attention to this whole thing because it seemed so incredible. But sheesh! How stupid can you get?

Art was shocked because he said that in the military, adultery was grounds for court martial.

RONW said...

Kay- wasn't really the General's fault. His biographer felt jealous of another female rival, and the biographer sent threating Emails anonymously. Then the rival informed the FBI. Btw, both are married. Then the FBI found out it was the Gen. biographer. Then they figured the Gen. was vulnerable to blackmail. Then the media got a hold of the story. I guess they needed something newsworthy after the elections. Then the non-story, a personal indiscretion, took on a life of its own.

Kay said...

Ron, it was his fault. He was fooling around!